Plantation Shutters for Door Windows

Contrary to popular belief, plantation shutters aren’t just for windows. Their versatility, functionality and practicality lend itself to doors, providing the perfect alternative to window blinds and curtains.

Shutters for doors benefits

Depending on the size or shape of your door, you may find it hard to buy a curtain that can cover your door entirely, whereas plantation shutters are made-to-measure, fitting any door of any shape and size, regardless of how high or large they are.

Plantation shutters are also the most stylish door window covering. They allow privacy without making the room dark. They provide shade in summer and insulation in the winter. And you can control the light coming into the room all year round.

Plantation shutters for door windows act as a barrier to pets, children and bugs when the doors are open, still allowing for ventilation through the louvres – great for hot summer days. Unlike blinds or curtains, shutters are fixed within a frame and won’t move in the breeze.

Door window shutter options

Full height shutters with a mid-rail made from MDF or hardwood are perfect for French or patio doors providing the door window width and panel size. The mid-rail is commonly positioned in line with any unsightly door handles.

However, if you would like full access to your window door, tracked shutters are best. They enable the panels to be stacked to one or both sides of the door. Here you have two options; you can have either a bi-fold track where the panels concertina or a bi-pass track where the panels slide behind one another.


At Totally Shutters, we have designed, supplied and installed bespoke plantation shutters for doors in London and around the UK for over 15 years, including French doors and patio doors. We have also designed shutters for conservatory doors and gardens.

For more information, or to book your in-house survey call 0203 960 6963 today. All plantation shutters for doors come with a 5-year guarantee.

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