Add elegance and style to your window with solid panel window shutters from Totally Shutters

Solid shutters add a real traditional elegance to your room while offering complete privacy, heat insulation and noise reduction. With no operable louvres, the solid panels can be either opened or closed to allow natural light in or to block it out.

Solid panel window shutters are available in the best hardwood materials, offering a wide range of colours and stains to complement your style and decor. At Totally Shutters we can provide a 100% custom colour match to give you with the solid panel shutters of your dreams.

Available as full height, tier on tier, or as a combination shutter, our versatile solid shutters are an ideal solution for windows, doors, room dividers and free-standing screens.

Custom colour service

At an extra cost, solid shutters from Totally Shutters can be custom finished in any paint or stain colour, opening a range of possibilities for your home. Simply send us a sample of the colour you require, and we’ll match it. To ensure the colour’s just right, we’ll have the custom colour sprayed onto a slat and sent to you to sign off.

Finish quality

At Totally Shutters, we only use top-quality paints and stains to ensure your solid panel shutters last for years to come. We take our time to apply them perfectly, building layers up one-by-one, rubbing down panels between coats for a flawless and hard-wearing finish. Lastly, we apply a protective UV lacquer that locks in colour and stops fading in the sun.

Solid Raised

12mm thick centre panels with 28.6mm x 40mm stiles. Now with rebated top and bottom rail options for tier on tier for even less light infiltration.

Solid Base / Lourve Top

As solid raised but with top louvres, very suitable for sliding partitions and French windows with solid bases.


Solid shaker: Solid centre panel shutters without inset moulding (Solid Shaker – Centre Panel No Insert Moulding)


Solid base/louvre top: As solid raised shutters but with top louvres (Solid Base/Louvre Top – Centre Panel Raised Insert Moulding)

Made-to-measure solid shutters provide unbelievable privacy, unrivalled quality and complete peace and quiet, providing the perfect atmosphere all year round..

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