Are Shutters Good for Insulation?


Curtains, blinds, shades and shutters. There are a variety of different shutters but which one comes out on top? All of these window coverings come in all types of shapes and sizes and they’re no doubt stylish in their own right. However, do they offer insulation? For most of these window coverings, the answer is no.  Fortunately, we have one knight in shining armour that offers excellent insulation: window shutters! In particular, wooden and plantation shutters. Aside from their bespoke beauty, window shutters are famous for their excellent insulation.


Is Insulation Important?


For many of us, insulation is incredibly important. There’s nothing worse than an annoying draught that creeps into your home and makes you cold. You’re left with no choice but to turn on the heaters which means your energy bills will go up. That’s why window shutters make a great addition to your home.


Window shutters keep those annoying draughts out and trap heat inside. This naturally means that your home will be kept warmer without relying on your heating. Due to their energy efficiency, you will soon see your energy bills decrease.


Unfortunately, curtains and blinds aren’t as energy efficient. This is because they merely cover the window without acting as a barrier. Thus, pesky draught will manage to infiltrate your home.


The Benefits of Shutters in the Summer Months 


Shutters aren’t just good for winter heat loss; they also reduce heat gain in the summer. It’s common for heat gain to take place in the home during the summer. This causes stuffy and suffocating rooms. While curtains and other methods can keep the heat out, they often completely block out light, and heat still sneaks into your room


That’s not the case with shutters. You can control how much heat you let in when you have plantation shutters. All you need to do is move the louvers up and down until you feel comfortable with the heat and light in your room. So, no more depending on the AC during the summer.


Which Shutters Offer the Best Energy Efficiency


There are a variety of different shutter styles, and each has its own unique beauty. However, their insulating features depend on their style.


Solid Shutters– Wooden shutters are great for insulation, but solid wooden shutters? Well, they’re in a league of their own. Solid shutters completely block out light and they offer incredible insulation.


Full Height Shutters– Full-height plantation shutters offer excellent insulation, but they also allow for temperature control.


Cafe Style Shutters– These shutters are known for their beauty, but they compromise on insulation.  The upper portion of your window will remain uncovered, which has an impact on the temperature of your room.


Are Shutters Right for You?


There are a variety of shutters you can choose; from solid shutters to plantation shutters- the options are endless! Aside from offering incredible insulation, they also offer a chic beauty that you can’t find with other window coverings.


Take a look at our shutters to find your perfect, insulating shutters.