Window Security Shutters: Protecting You and Your Home


For over 15 years, Totally Shutters have been adding a blanket of security and privacy to homes across the UK with our plantation shutters. But for homeowners looking for extra protection and privacy, our aluminium security shutters enhance both of these features, particularly security.

If you want extra peace of mind and feel more protected while at home, here are three reasons why you should consider investing in our aluminium security range:

For Style & Sophistication

Long gone are the days of security dressing window gates and grills that convert your home into a jail cell block. Security dressings are more sophisticated today. With our window security shutter range, we can now secure our properties with style and sophistication.

For a Seamless Look

Our aluminium security shutters look almost identical to our wooden shutters, so you can choose to dress more vulnerable windows with security shutters and dress the other windows in your home with wooden plantation shutters.

For Peace of Mind

For years our aluminium security shutters have been one of the popular forms of window and door security around London and the UK. Although the technology is relatively new in the UK, the product has evolved and has been tried and tested for decades around the world.

Our window security shutters undergo an intensive process with great attention to detail, ensuring that every shutter is tamper-proof with aluminium hinges, top and bottom locking rods and strip proof locks, resulting in maximum security.


For more information on our aluminium security shutters or all our ranges of plantation shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All window security shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

Security Shutters for Complete Home Security Confidence

With recent crime figures showing that burglaries in the UK have risen by 32% over a 12 month period, with 28% of burglars gaining access via a rear window, there has never been a better time to secure your home.

From extra locks on your doors and windows to installing a burger alarm, security lights and sometimes even CCTV, most of us will do anything to protect our homes, belongings and loved ones. But if you’re looking for an extra layer of security in your home, security shutters may be the solution for you.

Far from the rattly, rusty steel shutters seen on many run-down properties on the high street shops, our Portchester aluminium security range offers unparalleled home protection without compromising on looks.

Here are 5 benefits of our Portchester aluminium security range:

1. Unparalleled durability

Our Portchester security shutters are durable and incredibly hard wearing, featuring a powder coat for a long-lasting and anti-corrosion finish. And for added reassurance, our security shutters are CE certified to meet the EU’s rigorous quality standards.

2. Elegant and hardwearing

Unlike traditional security shutters that are often unsightly and built for purpose with design an after-thought, our Portchester security shutters combine strength, security and elegance in a one-of-a-kind package.

3. Controlled weather properties

With adjustable 89mm louvres, Porchester security shutters allow you to control the air flow coming into your home, helping you to control seasonal weather elements, meaning you can minimise the sun’s heat in the summer and retain warmth during the winter.

4. Matches your interior

As our Portchester security shutter range resembles our existing shutter products, you can mix and match shutter styles while enjoying a consistent design throughout your home. Our security shutters are available in full height as well as bi-fold and on a bypass track system. As well as standard deluxe colours, a custom colour option is available to suit your interior design tastes.

5. Privacy and light control

Our security shutters offer complete privacy control and also provide excellent light control, allowing you to get the right sunlight levels the way you like them.

6. Interior and exterior features

Made from architectural grade aluminium, our security shutters are corrosion resistant, hard-wearing and work both inside and out, while looking just like any other plantation shutter.


Our Portchester security shutter range offer your home an extra layer of protection. If you’re interested in extra home security, contact us today on 0203 960 69 63, and take those first steps to making your home as safe as it could possible be.