Are Shutters Good for Insulation?


Curtains, blinds, shades and shutters. There are a variety of different shutters but which one comes out on top? All of these window coverings come in all types of shapes and sizes and they’re no doubt stylish in their own right. However, do they offer insulation? For most of these window coverings, the answer is no.  Fortunately, we have one knight in shining armour that offers excellent insulation: window shutters! In particular, wooden and plantation shutters. Aside from their bespoke beauty, window shutters are famous for their excellent insulation.


Is Insulation Important?


For many of us, insulation is incredibly important. There’s nothing worse than an annoying draught that creeps into your home and makes you cold. You’re left with no choice but to turn on the heaters which means your energy bills will go up. That’s why window shutters make a great addition to your home.


Window shutters keep those annoying draughts out and trap heat inside. This naturally means that your home will be kept warmer without relying on your heating. Due to their energy efficiency, you will soon see your energy bills decrease.


Unfortunately, curtains and blinds aren’t as energy efficient. This is because they merely cover the window without acting as a barrier. Thus, pesky draught will manage to infiltrate your home.


The Benefits of Shutters in the Summer Months 


Shutters aren’t just good for winter heat loss; they also reduce heat gain in the summer. It’s common for heat gain to take place in the home during the summer. This causes stuffy and suffocating rooms. While curtains and other methods can keep the heat out, they often completely block out light, and heat still sneaks into your room


That’s not the case with shutters. You can control how much heat you let in when you have plantation shutters. All you need to do is move the louvers up and down until you feel comfortable with the heat and light in your room. So, no more depending on the AC during the summer.


Which Shutters Offer the Best Energy Efficiency


There are a variety of different shutter styles, and each has its own unique beauty. However, their insulating features depend on their style.


Solid Shutters– Wooden shutters are great for insulation, but solid wooden shutters? Well, they’re in a league of their own. Solid shutters completely block out light and they offer incredible insulation.


Full Height Shutters– Full-height plantation shutters offer excellent insulation, but they also allow for temperature control.


Cafe Style Shutters– These shutters are known for their beauty, but they compromise on insulation.  The upper portion of your window will remain uncovered, which has an impact on the temperature of your room.


Are Shutters Right for You?


There are a variety of shutters you can choose; from solid shutters to plantation shutters- the options are endless! Aside from offering incredible insulation, they also offer a chic beauty that you can’t find with other window coverings.


Take a look at our shutters to find your perfect, insulating shutters.

Plantation Shutters: Should They Be Lighter or Darker Than My Interior?


Plantation shutters are a bespoke product; every detail chosen by you takes you a step closer to your perfect window covering.

Some decisions come naturally – you may know which style plantation shutter you want, tier-on-tier, cafe style, full height or solid. However, some choices can be more difficult.

Colour choice is often one of the factors that customers struggle with deciding. Then the fun begins when choosing the finer colour choices.

A question we often hear when customers are deciding the colour for their plantation shutters is: should my shutters be lighter or darker than their surrounding walls?

Light vs Dark

Just like all design selections, the answer to the question very much comes down to personal preference and what you are looking to achieve in your interiors.

When deciding the colour for your shutters, ask: how do I want the shutters to feature in each room? Do I want them to blend seamlessly into the chic architecture or be a statement addition?

The most common choice for painted shutters is often to choose a finish that is the same colour as the walls or lighter. However, darker colours can create a wonderful contrast and is a popular choice for those looking to make a bolder statement.

If you’re finding yourself on the fence on whether to go a lighter or darker colour finish, our shutter specialists can talk you through the different choices at your free, no obligation in-house survey.


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Are My Windows too High for Plantation Shutters?

At Totally Shutters, we are often confronted by customers who want plantation shutters but believe their windows are too high up.

At first, they believe their windows cannot be covered with plantation shutters, and then they believe they cannot open and close them.

Plantation shutters for high windows

Plantation shutters can be installed on almost any window, no matter how high the window may seem.

If you want to have control of the louvres and the shutter panels of your plantation shutters and they’re too high to reach, a telescopic pole is an ideal solution. It extends to reach and has a shaped rubber end, perfect for getting between the slats to control them without damaging anything.


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Can Plantation Shutters Prevent Condensation on Windows?

The temperatures have dropped, and as we prepare our homes for winter, the windows become more prone to condensation.

Window condensation can be a nightmare for any homeowner, leading to mould and mildew growth. But what causes condensation, and is there anything that to prevent it? And can plantation shutters help prevent condensation?

What causes condensation on windows?

Condensation is when water vapour in the air deposits itself on surfaces at lower temperatures. When most air comes into contact with the cold glass surface of a window, it condenses and forms droplets.

Internal condensation often occurs due to humidity within the space or insufficient air circulation.

How can plantation shutters help to stop condensation on windows?

Condensation on windows can be a problem, especially in the winter. Plantation shutters can help reduce condensation effectively.

As shutters have moveable slats, allowing for the windows to be open with privacy maintained to keep ventilation and reduce condensation.


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My Shutter Slat is Broken – How Can I Repair It?

Accidents happen, and over the years we have come across a number of incidents that have resulted in plantation shutters being broken.

From shutters being at the brunt end of being hit by a ball to animals using the window dressing as a scratching post, it seems that even something as robust as plantation shutters can still be the victim of accidental damage.

We are therefore occasionally contacted by disgruntled homeowners asking “how can I repair my broken plantation shutter?”

Replacing your broken plantation shutter slat

In most cases, where a slat has been broken, we can arrange for a replacement slat to be fitted in place and get those plantation shutters back to their beautifully finished former self.

To order a replacement slat, simply get in touch with our team of shutter experts, who will be able to assist. Replacement slats will be linked to your previous order so that batching methods are precisely matched in manufacturing the slat, ensuring the exact match to the shutters in place.

For this reason, we are only able to offer replacement slats for plantation shutters that have been supplied by Totally Shutters.

For more information on repairing a broken plantation shutter slat or to book your FREE in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

Reduce Hayfever with Plantation Shutters

Daytime is getting longer, the sun is finally making an appearance, and Summer will be here before we know it. 

As much as we love the sun, let’s not forget the rise in pollen count over the Summer season. And for those who suffer from hayfever allergies, sneezing, puffy eyes, and other symptoms can be too overbearing to handle.

What if we told you plantation shutters help reduce allergies in your household?

Plantation shutters for hayfever 

As pollen and dust come through the window, fabric curtains and blinds absorb these elements and make it hard to handle for hayfever sufferers. As a result, many sufferers choose to overheat in their homes rather than open their windows.

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are the ideal choice for hayfever suffers, as you can open your windows and block these elements by keeping the shutter slats closed. They are also easy to clean, removing the pollen and dust build-up with a quick wipe down.

Great for pet allergies too

It’s not just pollen allergies that can be a nightmare to deal with, as pet hair can contribute to all-year-round allergies. Just like pollen and dust, pet hair collects on fabric, but because plantation shutters are made from hardwood, nothing sticks to them, and they’re easy to wipe down.

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How Do Plantation Shutters Open and Close?

In terms of flexibility, plantation shutters are the ideal window treatment. You can tilt the slats to adjust privacy levels and light control, and you can create separate sections of moving louvres using mid-rails. You also choose how many shutter panels you have in each window opening and how those panels open.

How plantation shutter slats open and close

Plantation shutters are designed with the louvres closing fully flat in the upward position. This design provides you with the optimum light blockage and privacy, as no passers-by can peer into your home through the slats. 

The louvres slightly overlap one another which creates a seal that blocks light and insulates your home. You can also add a mid-rail to separate the upper and lower sections of the slats for separate control, keeping the bottom closed for privacy while letting in light from the top.

Central tilt rod vs hidden tilt rod

With a hidden tilt rod, the louvres are connected by a thin metal rod in the back of the panel, hidden off to the side near the hinges. To move the louvres, you will turn one by hand, and the rest on that rod will move in unison.

For windows over 42″ in height, a central split tilt may be added to the hidden tilt rod to allow separate control of the upper and lower slats as well as for overall structural integrity. The split tilt gives the same functionality as a central mid-rail without having a solid rail separating the upper and lower sections.

For more information on plantation shutters central tilt rod and hidden tilt rod or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

Choosing the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Children’s Bedrooms

Are you looking for a new window covering to dress your child(ren)’s bedroom(s) but unsure which option would be best? If you’re looking for a stylish option that would provide maximum light control, privacy and safety, plantation shutters may be the option for you. 

Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Children’s Bedrooms

Plantation shutters host a range of benefits, including maximum light and privacy control. However, they also have a handful of benefits that are paramount to children’s bedrooms:


Certain types of window dressings are not ideal for children, particularly blinds that have a long drawstring. These window dressings can be very dangerous for a baby or small child to play near. Plantation shutters are installed safely inside the window frame with no drawstrings, keeping the whole ensemble out of reach.


Plantation shutters add an extra layer to your home. Made-to-fit your window perfectly, they make it impossible to see inside of your home, so no passers-by will be able to peek inside. The shutter slats can be angled to let light and fresh air in without making it easy for people to see inside your home. 

Light blocking:

Plantation shutters help children sleep better at night by blocking out outside noise and sounds. They block sunlight from entering the house when it’s time for sunrise. This is particularly useful for nap times and during the longer days of the year. 

Choosing the perfect plantation shutters for your children’s room

If you’re preparing a nursery, you may have a colour scheme in mind, and you may be considering shutters in that colour. However, you must remember that your baby will grow up, and this colour may not serve them through the years.

We advise keeping your plantation shutters neutral and consider adding a splash of colour to your nursery with paint, furniture and other decorations. 

For more information on plantation shutters for children’s bedrooms or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

Can You Still Open Windows with Plantation Shutters?


A question we get often get asked by customers is: “will I still be able to open my windows with plantation shutters installed?” The simple answer is yes. 

If your windows slide up and down or left to right, plantation shutters will not get in the way of this function. For windows that crank out or windows that tilt in, you can still open and operate your windows, but it is paramount that you select the correct mount for your shutters to avoid blocking these functions.

Plantation shutters for windows that open inwards

If your windows tilt in, an inside mount shutter frame can block your windows from fully operating. Some customers prefer the look of an inside mount shutter frame and will forego this function. However, an outside frame will allow your windows to keep the tilt in function.

An outside mount frame attaches to the wall or trims surrounding your window. Therefore when you open the entire shutter frame, it will be outside the window recess, allowing you to open your window fully and easily.

Shutters for windows that crank outward

For windows with a crank mechanism to open the window, the easiest option would be an outside mount. This way, you will have full access to reach the crank handle and operate the locks with the space required.

This is not to say that an inside mount would not be possible for windows with a crank mechanism.

Other considerations 

If there is limited depth inside the window opening and the shutter frame could potentially block your access to reach the handle or lock to open your window, an outside mount frame would be advised.

If you want to hide or cover a locking mechanism for aesthetic reasons or because it may obstruct your slats from opening, a mid-rail can be added to your shutter.

For more information on plantation shutters and shutter mounts or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

What are Plantation Shutter Tilt Rods and Why are They Important?


Whether you have chosen to invest in plantation shutters for your property or are just comparing your options, the chances are you will want to understand the window covering and shutter style options available.

Totally Shutters have a range of shutter designs available, including full height, cafe-style and tier-on-tier shutters with a range of tilt rod options for practicality. 

But what are tilt rods and why are they an integral part of the plantation shutter design?

What are shutter tilt rods?

Tilt rods are poles that can be hidden or visible on either side of the shutters or horizontally on the slats to form part of the design. Simply, tilt rods allow the louvres to move at the same time and sit at the same angle.

Small shutter designs will require one tilt rod to connect all the louvres, whereas, for large windows, a split tilt rod may be needed. For shutters higher than 130cm, a hidden split will be used.

Why are tilt rods an important aspect of the shutter design?

Shutters are one of the most flexible window coverings, and this is due to the tilt rods allowing full control of light, privacy, noise and heat. Without tilt rods, you would have to open your plantation shutter louvres manually. This means it would take much longer to adjust your shutters. 

Should I have a hidden tilt rod?

When it comes to tilt rod options, you have three choices: central, offset and hidden. Both central and offset tilt rods are visible and run down the front of the shutters, either in the middle or to the hinged side. Shutters with hidden tilt rods, conceal the rods inside of the vertical side rail for a sleek and minimal look. The choice comes down to practicality and design choice.

For more information on plantation shutters and tilt rods or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.