Can Plantation Shutters Prevent Condensation on Windows?

The temperatures have dropped, and as we prepare our homes for winter, the windows become more prone to condensation.

Window condensation can be a nightmare for any homeowner, leading to mould and mildew growth. But what causes condensation, and is there anything that to prevent it? And can plantation shutters help prevent condensation?

What causes condensation on windows?

Condensation is when water vapour in the air deposits itself on surfaces at lower temperatures. When most air comes into contact with the cold glass surface of a window, it condenses and forms droplets.

Internal condensation often occurs due to humidity within the space or insufficient air circulation.

How can plantation shutters help to stop condensation on windows?

Condensation on windows can be a problem, especially in the winter. Plantation shutters can help reduce condensation effectively.

As shutters have moveable slats, allowing for the windows to be open with privacy maintained to keep ventilation and reduce condensation.


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