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White Shutters: Our Most Popular Shutter Choice

If you’re redesigning your home or redecorating a room, and are struggling to find the ideal dressing for your windows, white shutters may be the solution for you.

White shutters are our best selling product

White shutters are our best selling product. White is an ideal choice for most windows since most homes have white window stills, it’s a sensible colour to avoid too many clashes in your living space.

As Forbes highlights, the colour white can make your room appear more extensive and open up the room more than any other colour. White shutters complement any room style from traditional to modern while adding an elegant touch.

There are several finishes to choose from, and various shades of white are available including Bright White, Shell, Ivory, Vivid White, Whisper White, Pearl, Lexicon, Swiss Coffee, Chalk, Alabaster, Antique White and White.

The benefits of white shutters

  • White shutters are incredibly versatile. They create the perfect focal point to build the rest of your decor around. If you decide to redecorate your home, your white shutters will match all future design choices.
  • White shutters are not only stylish, but they are also a good practical solution as they insulate your home during the winter months and ventilate your home during the summer months.
  • White shutters are incredibly durable any other material. White fabric can wear and tear over time, white plantations shutters withstand the test of time.
  • Unlike other window covering options, white shutters avoid getting dust trapped and are extremely easy to clean and maintain.


If you are looking for white plantation shutters for your home, our made to measure white shutters will be the perfect window treatment for your home. For more information, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Your home is your castle, but it can also be your place of business or a secondary workplace if you frequently bring work home. If the latter, it’s important to design and decorate your home office to your exact requirements for maximum productivity and output.

Here are 3 easy steps to creating the perfect home office:

1. Make it inspiring

It’s important to make your home office a happy and inspiring place. Think about what brings you joy. Do plants, candles or words of wisdom make you feel energised and positive? Add these touches to your desk area.

2. Make it seamless

If your office space is part of an open plan area, it’s important to ensure that the design fits with the surrounding decor. This means finding a good way to store those messy notes and piles of letters out of sight.

3. Keep it consistent

Keep your home looking consistent by carrying your interior look through to your home office. Whether your home is contemporary or full of vintage style, choose a desk and chair that suits this style.

4. Consider your window dressing

Shutters are ideal for home offices because they can easily adjust light ensuring there’s no glare reflecting on your screen. They also regulate temperature and provide an extra element of soundproofing to help you work more comfortably.


For more information on office shutters, or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All conservatory shutters from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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5 Home Renovation Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you’re thinking about completely renovating your home or considering a small renovation project and are looking for some inspiration, then look no further than these 5 must-follow Instagram accounts:

Charlotte / @thehomethatmademe

Charlotte (@thehomethatmademe) is a huge fan of shutters, having chosen the window treatment for almost every room of her home. That aside, we love her soft colour pallets and timeless style. If you’re decorating a family space, follow Charlotte for interior ideas.

Sommer / @housecurious

We love Sommer’s (@housecurious) dark walls and considered details that make her rooms feel warm and exciting. Unlike most interior accounts, Sommer makes it easy to replica her style. If you’re looking for contemporary home ideas, Sommer’s Instagram is a great place to start.

Cara / @carasuthers

Cara’s (@carasuthers) home is picture perfect and looks straight from a catalogue despite having two young sons and a pair of furry friends. Cara demonstrates it is possible to get much from your space despite having a busy schedule. If you also have a busy schedule, Cara is a must-follow.

Kate / @kateshomelyhome

Kate (@kateshomelyhome) owns a Georgian home in Norfolk. Her Instagram account follows her story as she takes on renovation projects one at a time. She is a huge fan of solid shutters and beautiful, traditional decor. If you’re looking for traditional home ideas, Kate’s Instagram is a great place to start.

Totally Shutters / @totallyshutters

We are on Instagram too so why not give us a follow? Our profile (@totallyshutters) is the first stop for window decoration ideas and interior inspiration from our customer’s home. With weekly updates, there’s lots to inspire you.

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How Do Interior Colours Affect Your Mood?

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and it makes you feel cosy, relaxed and comfortable? They may have the same house, furniture and appliances as you, but being there feels much more welcoming?

Various studies have shown colour has a real psychological effect on individuals. Here are seven of the trendiest interior colours and the effect they have on our mood and emotions:


Bold and sophisticated, black isn’t the most common choice for interior design, which makes sense as if you paint the entire room black, it will create a depressing and sad ambience. However, black is a versatile option that will match with any colour. It’s great for adding depth and bringing out certain elements in your room.


Calm and versatile, grey is a great background colour that has been an ongoing trend for some time. Grey can be easily combined with other colours and textures. Paired with blue and brown, grey has been proven to boost productivity and creativity.


Clean and pure, white is perfect for creating a tranquil and calm atmosphere. White is great at enlarging living space, but too much white can make your room look too sterile. White goes great with any colour and is often the go-to colour for minimal interiors.


Rich and dramatic, purple is the perfect colour for your bedroom. Dark purple is an intimate colour, where light purples create a romantic atmosphere. Purple boosts prosperity, so if you’re looking for a luxurious interior, start introducing small amounts of purple to your interior.


Passionate and powerful, red is a stimulating colour which adds the element of warmth and luxury. In Asia culture, red is a brave colour that carries good luck. Using red for your accessories or as accents in your home is a good idea, however, be careful not to overdo and create an aggressive mood.


Calming and serene, blue is a versatile colour. Light blue is tranquil and soft, while dark blue is powerful and serious. Blue is a great colour for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Blue is known for suppressing appetite, so consider using it in your kitchen if you want to lose weight.


Refreshing and soothing, green represents nature and vitality like no other colour. Green creates a balanced atmosphere, great for unwinding in. Therefore, consider using green in the bedroom, bathroom, living or dining room. Green is great for spaces where people tend to socialise and connect.


Why not add a splash of colour to your shutters? We offer a range of colours and often a custom colour match service that provides the perfect match to any interior. For more information, or to request your free, no obligation in-house survey, call us today on 0203 960 6963.

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Choosing The Best Shutters for Your Bedroom

Plantation shutters add the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom but with so many shutter options to choose from, choosing the right shutters for your bedroom can be difficult. Before you begin considering which bedroom shutters to choose, think about whether you want them to:

  • improve your room’s privacy
  • blackout the room during daylight
  • add a splash of colour
  • be matched with curtains to create a layered look
  • look contemporary or traditional

Which shutter style to choose?

Solid shutters provide complete blackout and reduce noise disruption and are ideal for bedrooms with lots of lights or in busy areas. Solid shutters are great at keeping the heat in so you’ll feel snug during the winter months and will keep your room shaded and feeling cool in the summer months.

Cafe-style shutters only cover the lower part of your window, offering both privacy and light at the same time. Cafe shutters can be matched with curtains for a beautiful layered look.

Tier-on-tier shutters give you the option to open your window and let lots of light in during the day, whilst providing privacy at night time. With tier-on-tier, you can open up the top half whilst keeping the bottom section closed to provide both light and privacy at the same time.

Full height shutters are great for bedrooms with a bay window, providing fantastic coverage and privacy. Where curtains may cut off a bay window and make the room feel small, shutters are made to fit and make the room appear larger.

Coloured shutters create a statement look and at Totally Shutters we can paint your shutter blinds in virtually any colour to compliment the colour scheme in your bedroom.


Plantation shutters are a fantastic choice for bedroom windows. Whether you want to make the most of the view and daylight or are looking for a full blackout, we have a shutter style right for you. For more information on bedroom shutters, call us today on 0203 960 6963.

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5 Renovations to Increase Your Home Value

Whether you plan to your home soon or have no plans at all, finding ways to increase the value of your home can pay off in the long run. Cosmetic changes such as converting the loft or redesigning the kitchen are often the most obvious choices but don’t forget value can be added through some basic structural repairs too.

Replace your front door

Your front door is the first thing a potential home buyer will see. According to Home Advisor, replacing your front door with a high-quality steel door has a 90.7% return on investment. Even a touch of paint can brighten your home and increase its value.

Paint your interior

An inexpensive way to update your home and make it more appealing is by repainting your interior. Light and neutral colours help sell homes rather than outdated bold colours and busy patterns.


Curb appeal is real and making your home inviting from the outside makes your home a pleasurable place to relax and increases the value of your home when you’re ready to sell. Landscaping can be as simple as planting a few flowers to adding a new patio.


Shutters are more than just a beautiful window treatment, they’re a permanent addition to your home which comes with several benefits, including increasing its resale value. Shutters are durable and energy efficient, meaning the potential home buyer will spend less money on utilities.


If you’re looking at increasing your home value with shutters and would like to book your free, no obligation, in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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4 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Interior design can go right or wrong, especially when it comes to important decisions such as dressing your windows. And to avoid such disasters, it’s best to have a plan in place.

Here are 4 interior design mistakes to avoid:

1. Mismatched colours

It’s good to have different interior styles throughout your home, but many homeowners neglect to think about the look of their home from the outside. It’s best to standardise your front-facing window treatments with classic white or faux-wood shutters for a classic look outside and a versatile accent on the inside.

2. Not enough light sources

There’s a difference between having enough light to see and having enough light to make the room look its best. Singular overhead lights can make a room appear bland and washed out. Instead, try using multiple light sources with small lamps and strategically placed mirrors to reflect light and make use of natural light.

3. Rooms too similar

If you decorate each room in your house too similarly, none of the rooms will stand out. And if each room is too different, transitioning from one room to another can be too jarring. The key is to let each room have its own style and flair but to keep similarities throughout. Whether that be a colour scheme, style of furniture, similar flooring or window dressings.

4. Putting furniture against walls

It’s all too easy to fall into lining up your furniture against the walls. But this is bad for a number of reasons: it limits what you can do with your walls, it’s boring and worst of all, it downplays your windows which are a natural focal point for any room. Instead, strategically place furniture throughout your space, taking into consideration the lighting and how it hits different parts of your room.


When you come to redesign the interior of your home, take into consideration these 4 interior design mistakes. To book your free in-house survey and learn how to utilise your window treatments, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963.

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Happy New Year!

As today is the last day of 2018, we would like to take the time to thank you all for another successful and enjoyable year. We are thankful and proud to have contributed to many interiors designs in London, surrounding areas and the rest of the UK, helping them look more beautiful and stylish from both the inside and the out. We cannot wait to do it all over again next year.

Here are a few of our favourite installations from 2018:

To transform your home in 2019 with plantation shutters, call Totally Shutters today 0203 960 6963 to arrange your FREE, in-house survey. We wish you all a happy New Year!

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Get the Best of Both Worlds With Cafe Style Shutters

When it comes to your interior, it’s not always easy to make decisions as you want to be able to make the best investment, that lasts for years to come, at a reasonable price. And choosing the right window solution for your home can be a difficult decisions as you need to consider the kerb appeal of your home as well as the interior.

Here’s why the cafe style shutters are the perfect window solution investment:

1. Maximum light

Cafe style shutters filter the natural light in your home while never completely blocking it out. By keeping the top section of the window open, the light is allowed to flood in at all times, offering the best of both worlds.

2. Offers great privacy

Cafe style shutters can give you privacy without shutting out all of the light, making them ideal for properties on a busy road or pathway. The shutters screen the bottom section of the window while the top section of the window is left open to let the light in.

3. Incredible views

Cafe style shutters can be an excellent choice if you’re wanting the privacy but looking to keep the view. You may want a window covering behind a kitchen or bathroom sink for privacy but also want to be able to look out of the window.

4. Long lasting

Made to measure from strong and sturdy hardwood, cafe style shutters are built to last. Cafe style shutters will provide you with a longterm window covering that will look stylish for years to come.


Cafe style shutters are an excellent window covering solution and can enhance the look of your home as well as add kerb appeal. For more information on cafe style shutters, or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Plantation Shutters vs Blinds: Which is Best?

You’ve decided that curtains and drapes are not for you, but now you’re torn between plantation shutters and blinds. Not always an obvious choice, plantation shutters have a lot of advantages to being a window dressing. Let’s take a look at the two window dressing types, so you can make the best-informed decision for styling your home:

Plantation Shutters

The main difference between plantation shutters and blinds is the way they’re fitted. While blinds tend to be attached to the inside the window recess, shutters are attached to the window frame itself, allowing for a more sturdy structure.


  • Attractive and suited to every room and interior
  • A timeless addition to your home
  • Hard-wearing and long lasting
  • Requires little maintenance and easy to clean
  • Excellent for keeping heat in
  • Separate operation of each section allowing for excellent light control and ventilation
  • Offers an extra layer of security to your home
  • An investment that adds value to your home
  • Available in a range of high-quality materials including wood, PVC and faux wood
  • No cords or chains needed, so very child safe
  • Less scope for shutters to get damaged as there are no mechanisms
  • Fitted to any size and shape window, regardless of how obscure it may be
  • Can be custom painted to perfectly match the decor of your home


  • Can take up more window space than blinds as they’re fitted to the window frame rather than in the window recess
  • More costly than blinds


Blinds are more popular window dressing than shutters as they’re more widely available and affordable to buy.


  • Available in a huge variety of styles, designs and colours
  • Can be adjusted to offer varying levels of light and shade
  • Wide selection of materials available to suit every environment (e.g. PVC for bathrooms)
  • Options for blackout and insulation, allowing for conditions in your home to be improved
  • Very affordable


  • Much less robust than plantation shutters
  • Requires more maintenance and cleaning than shutters
  • Fabrics can become damaged from UV rays or too much moisture
  • Much shorter lifespan than shutters and will need to be replaced more frequently
  • Can become damaged more easily as there is more chance for things to go wrong, such as the mechanisms


When choosing between plantation shutters and blinds, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, plantation shutters offer a more robust, high-quality design that will withstand the test of time, and are a real investment for your home.

If you would like to know more about your window options, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 69 63.