Designing a Child’s Room that Stands the Test of Time

Children are renowned for changing their minds, but that’s okay as it’s all part of growing up and discovering who they are. But when it comes to decorating their bedroom, it can be somewhat a little more challenging. So, here are a few tips and tricks to help you create the perfect bedroom for your children that will grow with them and stand the test of time.

Opt for furniture that can be easily revamped

Choose furniture that will stand the test of time and can be easily styled to match your child’s needs and personality over the years. There’s no need to replace furniture because it doesn’t suit your child any more.

Opt for furniture that can be revamped, such as wooden wardrobes, drawers and bedside tables that can be painted again and again. If the space allows you, invest in a double bed rather than a single so you can have space for sleeping arrangements when you have guests come over to stay. If space is a bit more limited, opt for space-saving furniture with lots of storage.

Choose a neutral colour scheme

In terms of colour schemes and painting the walls, keep a natural base and then add to it with different accessories depending on your child’s current style. Keep flooring and bed bases neutral too. Kids can be messy so opt for natural floorboards with a rug that can be easily washed.

Opt for a window dressing that will withstand the test of time too. Plantation shutters lend themselves to children’s bedrooms as they compliment all interior design tastes, allow for a good sleep in the night or day time, and are incredibly sturdy.

Have fun with accessories

Have fun with accessories that can be easily changed as your child grows up and interests change. Accessories such as wall art and bedspreads can be changed easily and can really help to set the room.

When it comes to children and their decisions, nothing is permanent. Be one step ahead of them, and design a room that can be easily changed to adapt to their new favourite things without breaking the bank.

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