Dog and Pet Proof Window Treatments

Even the best-behaved dogs can occasionally find themselves in a spot of mischief – something pet parents need to accept. But few household items seem to bear the brunt of bad behaviour than windows.

Of course, remote controls, pillows and shoes are commonly the main focal point of canine frustration, but window treatments are often destroyed in homes too.

Why do dogs damage window coverings?

There are many reasons why dogs unleash their destructive instincts on window treatments. Often boredom and separation anxiety are at play, but the main issue is a dog’s instinct to be territorial.

Often when dogs see people, pets or prey outside their home, they will bark or scratch at the window and often the window treatment suffers. Plantation shutters prevent dogs from seeing passersby outside and can prevent this behaviour from happening.

Characteristics to seek in dog-friendly window shutters

There are two main traits to look for when seeking a dog or pet-friendly window covering for your home. These include:

Cordless design

Dogs are curious creature, and when faced with a blind cord will naturally explore the foreign object. To prevent the dog from chewing, or worse, get caught on the dangling cord, it’s best to eliminate the problem with plantation shutters. All plantation shutters are cordless.

Complete window coverage

By covering the window entirely, you will prevent your dog from seeing the types of things that will prevent him/her barking, slobbering and destroying your window coverings. Made-to-measure plantation shutters are made to fit and cover your window entirely, the slats can be adjusted to stop your canine from seeing out while letting light in. The tilting of slats will also prevent the trapping of limbs.


Although not completely pet-proof window treatment, plantation shutters are ideal for homes with dogs. For more information or to book your free, no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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