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Discover our stylish and practical range of made-to-measure shutters

Made-to-measure shutter blinds from Totally Shutters are available in a range of different styles and materials, helping you create a real focal point in your room while delivering lots of practical features for light and privacy control.


Wooden shutters create a stunning timeless and elegant look whereas plantation shutters compliment a contemporary and classic interior, and are available in a wide range of natural wood stains or painted finishes to suit your style and decor.

Stylish and incredibly versatile, choose from slatted or solid wooden shutter blinds or opt for waterproof designs perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Our shutter blinds are made-to-measure any window and our custom colour service will match your painted shutters to virtually any shade.

Paulownia Hardwood

  • Mortice and Tenon Joinery
  • Any colour or stain
  • Kiln dried
  • FSC certified
  • Engineered core

Traditionally plantation shutters come with a stained finish, but with Paulownia Hardwood it’s possible to enjoy a wide range of colours, blending in with your decor and reflecting your personality while looking stylish and chic.

Sourced from Northern Asia, Paulownia is a strong and lightweight hardwood which comes from a sustainable source. Boasting an engineered core, Paulownia offers excellent dimensional stability, reducing the possibility of warping.

At Totally Shutters, we use Paulownia for all parts of the shutter blind including frame, stile, top and bottom rails, louvres and mid rails. To protect the wood’s properties, we treat Paulownia with a gesso coating (acrylic polymer base) before our refined painting process.

Our Paulownia shutters come with with a different style Clear View rod to the Basswood and PVC Shutters to allow for more movement when opening and closing the louvres to avoid straining the wood.

Basswood Hardwood

  • Mortice and Tenon Joinery
  • Any colour, no stains
  • High density hardwood
  • Available in 38.1mm stile
  • Engineered core

Basswood is the most versatile hardwood shutter in our range and our most popular window dressing choice. Sturdy and reliable, Basswood Hardwood shutters last for years come.

A common timber in Northern America, Basswood offers exceptional stability and exhibits tightly spaced growth rings for impeccable design. The lightweight and high-quality properties of the wood, make Basswood ideal for staining and painting.

As a high-density hardwood, Basswood offers additional strength which is perfect for high access areas or larger window spaces. And due to its engineered cored, Basswood offers excellent dimensional stability which hugely reduces warping.

All of our wooden shutters use mortice and Tenon joinery and undergo an extensive kiln drying process prior to being machined.

UPVC Waterproof

  • Exceptional Durability
  • Any colour, no stains
  • Ideal for bathrooms
  • Perfectly smooth
  • Fully recyclable

High moisture and humidity can easily damage your window coverings, that’s why UPVC waterproof shutter blinds are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. However, the hard-wearing and easy-to-clean finish ensure UPVC shutters are suitable for any room in your home.

With our UPVC being man-made, the blind offers a smoother finish and will outlast any wooden shutter. Unlike timber, UPVC shutters are resistant to moisture and have an excellent temperature operating property that prevents warping, peeling and flaking.

Utilising the latest technology, our painting process allows for UPVC shutters to be finished in high-grade paint. Meaning our UPVC shutter blinds are available in any colour and come with marine grade stainless steel hinges as standard to prevent rusting.

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