The Pros and Cons of Full Height Shutters

Plantation shutters are a big investment, so it’s essential you know which style to choose. A versatile option, full height shutters cover the full height of the window and are our most popular style – but are full height shutters the window covering option for you?

Here are the pros and cons of full height shutters to help you decide:

Pros of full height shutters:

  • Maximum privacy and light blockage
  • Provide extra insulation to help keep out the hot and cold temperatures
  • Adding a mid-rail gives you the ability to control the upper and lower slats independently, for total privacy and light control
  • Provide the ideal solution if you want to fit shutters to door
  • Suitable for all window shapes and sizes
  • Available in all materials, colours and slat sizes

Cons of full height shutters:

  • Full height shutters let light infiltrate through a room, but for some windows, you may prefer to leave a portion of the window exposed to maximise the light, so cafe style shutters would be more suited
  • Full height shutter panels open and close as one, so if you’re looking for more flexibility in terms of light control, tier on tier shutters low you to open and close the top panels for added light and privacy control

Popular in living spaces and bedrooms, full height shutters allow for privacy and darkness when the slats are down, whilst opening them up allows natural light to stream in while maintaining privacy levels. Our full height shutters can be crafted with or without a mid-rail in place, giving you that extra level of flexibility and light control.


For more information or advice on full height shutters, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. We can give you an idea of widths, heights and styles as well as give advice on the best window solution for you and book you in for a free no obligation in-house survey. All full height shutters from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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