Should My Plantation Shutters Be Lighter or Darker Than My Interior?

Plantation shutters are made-to-measure to your requirements and bespoke to your design taste. And with every custom product, you decide on the specific details on how you want your plantation shutters to look and work. 

Some decisions come naturally, or with research, where as others can be hard to decide. Colour choice is often one of the decisions that our clients struggle with, even when slat sizes, shutter style and material are confirmed.

Light or darker plantation shutters?

Just like all design choice, the answer is personal preference and what you’re looking to achieve in your interiors. Do you want your shutters to blend seamlessly into your architecture? Do you want your shutters to make a statement? Or perhaps you’re looking to achieve a uniformed look from the outside?

Our most popular colour option is white as white shutters are timeless and will go with any interior design, should you choose to redecorate down the line. However, our most common choice for bespoke painted shutters is a finish that is the same colour as the walls.

That said, choosing darker shutters can create a wonderful contrast, and we’ve helped many homeowners achieve that look over the years.

What if I cannot decide on a colour?

If you’re still unsure what colour to go for with your plantation shutters, don’t worry, one of our shutter specialists will come to your home as part of our in-house survey, armed with advice and lots of colour samples to help you choose the right colour for your home. 

If none of our standard colours take your fancy, we have a colour match service that will match your shutters to any colour of your choice.


For more information or to book your FREE in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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