Can I Add a Top Tier to My Cafe Style Plantation Shutters?


Cafe style shutters extend just part way up the window, leaving the top of the window exposed so that natural light can flood your home while privacy levels are still maintained. As such, cafe style plantation shutters are a wonderful choice for those who are not looking for full shutter coverage.

Occasionally, some homeowners that choose this part height shutter option, change their mind later down the line, seeking full window coverage. There comes the question; “can I add a top tier to my cafe style shutters?”

The good news is that we can almost always arrange for a top tier to be added to your cafe style shutters, should you change your mind about having the top of the window exposed. However, it depends entirely on your window frame, your plantation shutters and their condition.

Why would I add a top tier to my cafe style shutters?

Cafe style shutters are an appealing choice for many homeowners, but sometimes many can change their minds and decide that having part coverage of the window isn’t sufficient enough for their light and privacy requirements.

Full window coverage ensures the most complete level of privacy and light block can be achieved in a room. 

Should I opt for full window shutter coverage from the offset?

If you’re unsure what option would be best for you, or you think your requirements may change down the line, we recommend that you opt for tier-on-tier shutters over cafe style shutters.

Choosing tier on tier shutters from the offset will be the most cost-effective choice rather than adding a top tier to cafe style as measure and fitting costs are rolled into one price.


If you have cafe style shutters that you’re looking to add a top tier to, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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