Modernising Your Kitchen


Are you considering revamping your kitchen to modernise your space? Perhaps you’re looking to incorporate some slight adjustments for something different? Here are some top tips for transforming your kitchen space:

Keep your worktops clear

It’s important to keep your worktops de-cluttered to allow yourself plenty of space to cook, bake and relax. A key solution to this will be using clever storage solutions, but you will also want to carefully consider where to place your kitchen essentials, such as toaster, kettle and blender.

Kitchen island

If you’re designing your kitchen from scratch, you may want to incorporate a kitchen island into your installation. A kitchen island can be utilised for cooking by adding stoves or an oven into the unit. Adding seating around the island will ensure it doubles as a breakfast bar.

Storage solutions

Clever storage solutions will make a difference to your kitchen in terms of the overall design and by making everything convenient to access. Depending on your interior design taste, you can add cupboards and shelving nooks to hide and showcase items. Most modern kitchens have integrated bin storage to keep it out of sight.

Inject some colour

If your kitchen has a strong emphasis on one neutral colour or shade such as white, you may look to inject some colour and make a statement. A burst of colour can break up the design and make it “pop”.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a sure-fire way to modernising your kitchen. They are stylish, practical and low-maintenance, helping refresh your kitchen and ensuring a convenient space. They’re also durable and will last for future renovations.


For more information on modernising your home with plantation shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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