Create the Perfect Reading Nook in Your Home


Are you enjoying reading? Do you struggle to find the perfect spot to read, undisturbed? If you answered yes to both these questions, perhaps you should create a space in your home where you can escape in a book in peace.

Whether it’s on a screen or with a good old-fashioned paperback in hand, reading brings great pleasure to many people. As we spend more time at home, a reading nook is a great way to soothe the mind and escape.

Finding the Right Spot

If you’re blessed with a bay window and a nice view, you’re already on the way to creating up your own reading nook, as this can be the perfect place to set up.

Once you have identified which window where you’d like to make your reading window, you should spend a bit of time planning what you want to get into your nook.

You could convert the window sill into a seat, or find a comfy chair to sit on. Perhaps you could add some shelves for your book collection, a table for a cup of tea or beverage.

The Right Lighting

Natural light is the healthiest and most relaxing way to read, and why the window is the best place to create a reading nook. Plantation shutters are the best way to control the lighting conditions, offering the right lighting for reading while maintaining privacy.

Plantation shutters offer a solid physical barrier to keep the noise out and help you feel warm and secure when the sun goes down. Further helping to create the perfect reading nook.

When it’s nighttime, you will need artificial light. Bulb colour can help you set the mood for reading. Reds for a warmer, more intimate feel. Blue for a brighter and cooler atmosphere. Daylight bulbs are a favourite for avid readers.

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