4 Ways to Soundproof Your Nursery

Babies and young children need an ample amount of sleep, ranging from 8 hours a night to 14-17 hours a day for newborns. Making your nursery soundproof is incredibly important to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible and their sleep is undisturbed.

Here are four ideas to help you soundproof your nursery and ensure your children have a good night and day sleep:

1. Soundproof your door

Most homes have hollow-core doors and these can let in a lot of noise. Opting for a solid-core door will prevent noise from seeping into the room.  Adding door strips around the edge of the door is also a great option to stop sound from entering the room. 

2. Consider your flooring

Sound echoes in an empty room, and this applies to rooms with solid floors. Opting for carpets in your child’s nursery can help to keep the noise levels down. If you have a wooden floor and would rather keep it, opt for a rug or two instead. 

3. Decorate your room

An empty room is a noisy room. Filling up the space with things like bookshelves, couches and picture frames will help muffle sound and make a huge difference. Placing as much furniture against the walls as possible will help optimise soundproofing.

4. Invest in plantation shutters

Noise from outside can be incredibly disruptive. Even if you’re in a rural area, outdoor noises such as birds can ruin your baby’s or young child’s sleeping pattern. Ensuring you have the correct window covering is essential. Plantation shutters can reduce outdoor noise from coming in. 


For more information on nursery plantation shutters for your child’s bedroom or to book your FREE in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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