Can You Paint Plantation Shutters Yourself?

One of the questions we often get asked is “Can you paint plantation shutters yourself?”

The question isn’t so much “can you” paint wooden plantation shutters but rather “whether” you should. Of course, it’s possible to paint almost anything, but we will always highly recommend that you stay well clear of repainting your shutters.

Can you paint wooden shutters?

At Totally Shutters, we spray our wooden shutters with several coats of an acrylic-based polyurethane (PU) paint which gives the shutters their beautiful signature look. PU is an incredibly durable paint resistant to abrasion, UV, temperature and water damage.

Most shop-bought paints are water-based. Any attempt to paint your wooden shutters with water-based paint will spoil the appearance of your shutters and compromise their functionality. Painting your wooden shutters would also invalidate your 5-year warranty.

Can you paint vinyl shutters?

Just like our solid hardwood shutter range, we recommend you avoid painting vinyl shutters. This is particularly applicable with our polyvinyl range because of its waterproof functionalities. Any attempt at repainting our polyvinyl range will end in a less than aesthetically pleasing result.

What if I scratch my shutters?

Accidents are unavoidable. Maybe you’ve left an unsightly mark on your shutter frame or a pet has scratched a slat and a bit of paint has come off. Whether it’s a small scratch or tiny fleck, contact the Totally Shutters team and we will touch up your plantation shutters and have them looking perfect again.

Opt for a timeless colour

We understand the desire to paint your shutters, especially when sprucing up your interior. To avoid the need to change your shutters every time you decorate, opt for a timeless colour such as white or subtle wood stains.


For more information on our plantation shutter range, or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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