Can Plantation Shutters be Used on Sliding Doors? Absolutely!


At Totally Shutters, we are seeing an increase in customers opting for plantation shutters on sliding doors within their homes.

Open plan extensions with doors that span the entire wall is an interior must-have for lots of homeowners. These incredible, impressive doors do not lend themselves to blinds or curtains, which is where plantation shutters for doors come in.

Plantation shutters for sliding doors

As sliding doors are usually made up of large panels of glass, plantation shutters are the perfect addition to sliding doors. Shutters on sliding doors offer complete privacy as well as full control over the light levels.

At Totally Shutters, we have two main options available for sliding doors: bi-fold track shutters and bypass track shutters.

Shutters on a track

Plantation shutters on a track are ideal for large doors, as they can bi-fold to the side(s) or they can bypass to the side(s) giving you full access to the door when required.

Tracked shutters are perfectly suited for wide sliding doors and large windows where you don’t want a bottom frame piece.

Bi-folding shutters

Bi-folding shutters are a concertina-style, which means you can push them back to the side of your sliding door and have them neatly stacked in front of each other. This is great as it allows your open-door space to be free from obstructions with the freedom to fold the panels back over the open door.

Bi-folding shutters are ideal if you have young children or pets that you want to benefit from the outdoor air without them running in or out.

Bypass shutters

Bypass shutters are also on a track but the panels slide in front and behind of each other. If you have a single sliding door, then this design is perfect as it will fall in line with your current door design seamlessly.


Plantation shutters for doors are available in all our quality hardwood ranges, available in all paint and stains. Our shutter specialist will create a bespoke design to best suit your sliding doors.

For more information, or to book your free, no obligation in-house survey, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All shutters for sliding doors come with a 5-year guarantee.

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