Winter Shutter and Window Maintenance


Many homeowners find themselves battling the brisk weather to keep their windows in the best condition during the colder months. Here are some tips from our shutter experts to maintaining your windows and shutters in the heart of winter:

Tackle condensation issues 

The biggest risk to damaging your window coverings as temperatures plummet is condensation and the lasting exposure it can cause. However, maintaining a consistent temperature will keep condensation at bay and will help your windows in the long run. 

Purchasing moisture trappers if condensation is a regular issue may be useful. Making use of extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchen fans when cooking will also help with moisture.

Keep on top of shutter after care 

Keeping up with your shutter aftercare will ensure your plantation shutters are in the best possible condition. Looking after your shutters will continue to benefit your home for many years to come. 

For general dusting we recommend using a feather duster to gently remove the dirt off the shutter surface. Be sure to dust the shutters before using a slightly damp cloth on the surface to avoid wetting the dust and damaging the shutter.

If you’re considering installing plantation shutters in a room that has particular high levels of exposure, you will want to consider UPVC shutters that are water-resistant. The UPVC material has excellent thermal properties which stops moisture and humidity from damaging the window cover, withstanding the test of time.

For more information on installing plantation shutters in your home or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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