What is the Best Plantation Shutter Design for Bay Windows?


Bay windows are a beautiful home addition, and here as Totally Shutters, we see them in all shapes and sizes. Bays are often splay bays or box bays and in some cases, only have a return at one end. The style and size of the bay will often be influential on the bay window shutter design that would be best suited.

The different types of bay window shutters

If your box bay is wide, having bi-folding panels in the central section may not be the best solution as you will have to bifold the large panels whenever you want to open a window. Instead, a t-post that reflects the design of the window may be better suited. This allows for easy access to the windows as you will only have a single hinged panel to open.

Usually, we do not recommend tier-on-tier shutters on bay windows as the panels end up poking far into the room when the top half is in the open position, and smaller panels can make your bay window look busy. However, if you’re lucky enough to have large windows then tier-on-tier shutters can be the perfect solution.

On smaller bays, tier-on-tier shutters can be detrimental in terms of light. It’s often believed tier-on-tier shutters let in more light because you have a separate top rail from the bottom set of panels. But in effect, a plank of wood in the middle of the window will block out light, having a huge effect on smaller windows.

With bay windows, a good size louvre makes all the difference. 76mm is the perfect size for large bay windows.


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