Restoring Your Victorian Home With a Contemporary Twist

During the reign of Queen Victoria I, there was mass production of houses and an increase in wealth. Properties were built with larger bay windows to let maximum natural light in and allow homeowners to see what is happening outside their front door.

Victorian homes are full of character and charm with their high ceilings and tiled paths, so it’s important to celebrate their original features.

Homeowners of Victorian homes are renovating their interiors to complement their properties traditional features while bringing them more into the current design era.

If you have a Victorian home and want to add your personal touch, here are some tips to ensure you create a home that modern while paying homage to the property’s history:

Celebrate Your Ceilings

Victorian homes have high ceilings that should be celebrated. Painting the cornicing a different colour to your walls, you immediately make the walls a stand out feature. Victorian picture rails have also now become an interior feature that split the wall in two beautifully. If you decide to opt for these, consider painting the bottom half darker and the top half lighter to draw the eye up.

Add Plantation Shutters

Known for their large windows, it’s important to update your Victorian home while keeping with the original design. A common dressing for bay windows is plantation shutters as they cover the window seamlessly allowing for maximum natural light to enter the room while maintaining privacy levels. What’s more, plantation shutters add value to your Victorian home.

Flooring and Fireplaces

Some other features that can be refurbished in your Victoria home are the wooden flooring and fireplaces. The original flooring in a Victorian property is timeless that can be restored with a few coats of varnish. If you’re lucky enough to be able to restore your Victorian home’s original flooring, pair the hard wood with a luscious rug to add softness to the room. Similarly, if you’re able to restore the fireplace to its former glory, it will become a new feature for your home.

Every home should reflect the homeowner’s personal style. If you’re restoring your Victorian home and would like to dress your windows with plantation shutters, contact us on 0203 960 6963 to book your free no obligation in-house survey. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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