Keeping Cool with Plantation Shutters During the Summer Heatwave

The UK weather has defined all expectations so far, with scorching temperatures engulfing the country throughout the first half of summer. Now weather forecasters have told Britons to “stay out of the sun” from now until Friday as the Met Office has issued an amber heatwave alert as the hottest day of the year is on track to beat all records. The warning is in place until 9 am Friday, as temperatures continue to sizzle.

But with homes feeling uncomfortably sticky with the heat, how can Britons stay out of the sun while keeping their rooms cool during this scorcher of a summer?

The key to keeping the temperature of your home low is through proper ventilation. For many families, this means opening curtains, raising blinds and opening all windows. However, by doing this, you’re allowing sunlight to enter and heat up your home. Not to mention, your window coverings will be bouncing around, damaging your interior and making a racket.

Plantation shutters: the solution to tackling the heatwave

Direct sunlight can warm your home, countering the ventilation created from the opened windows. Shutter blinds allow you to open up your windows while the shutters itself can be left shut and adjusted, allowing you to gain airflow throughout your room as well as blocking out harsh direct sunlight.

Shutters prevent your interior from being damaged by direct sunlight and allow for complete privacy during the warm summer months. This is incredibly important as property crime increases during the warmer months. Shutters are not only great for summer but winter too, as they keep the warm air in and the cool air out.

Plantation shutters from Totally Shutters come in many different styles. Our most popular style is the full-height shutters which run the whole height of your window and can be fully opened, closed and adjusted. Tier-on-tier shutters are also a popular option as they include all the functionality of full-height shutters with a split in the middle, creating a top and bottom section of shutters for ultimate flexibility when it comes to airflow and blocking out sunlight.

If you would like more information on how plantation shutters can benefit you and your home in summer and throughout the rest of the year, call us today on 0203 960 69 63.

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