Inside or Outside Mount on Plantation Shutters

Not to be confused with interior vs exterior shutters, we are referring to inside mount shutters and outside mount shutters.

Inside mount shutters are made to fit within a recessed window opening. If your window is set back from the wall enough to accommodate the shutter frame, you may consider an inside mount.

Whereas outside mount shutters are measured to surround your window opening and are mounted to the wall outside the glass area, or on top of your existing trim.

Pros and Cons of Inside Mount Shutters

Inside mount shutters are the most popular shutter mount option but are only suited to windows deep enough. Inside mount shutters fit inside the window opening and can be pushed back toward the glass for very deep windows, or pulled forward to blend with the wall.

The disadvantage to inside mount is if you have crack-out windows with large handles as the inside mount frame may get in the way of operating your window handles and locks.

Pros and Cons of Outside Mount Shutters

Outside mount shutters are a great choice for windows with limited recess depth or windows that are not level or square. At Totally Shutters, our outside mount frames act in place of a window mould, while supporting the weight of your shutter panels, ensuring everything is perfectly aligned.

Outside mount shutters surround the window opening, hiding any imperfections and eliminating gaps. For crack-out windows with large handles, outside mount shutters would be suited.

For more information on inside mount shutters and outside mount shutters, or to book your no obligation in-house survey, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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