How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Your home is your castle, but it can also be your place of business or a secondary workplace if you frequently bring work home. If the latter, it’s important to design and decorate your home office to your exact requirements for maximum productivity and output.

Here are 3 easy steps to creating the perfect home office:

1. Make it inspiring

It’s important to make your home office a happy and inspiring place. Think about what brings you joy. Do plants, candles or words of wisdom make you feel energised and positive? Add these touches to your desk area.

2. Make it seamless

If your office space is part of an open plan area, it’s important to ensure that the design fits with the surrounding decor. This means finding a good way to store those messy notes and piles of letters out of sight.

3. Keep it consistent

Keep your home looking consistent by carrying your interior look through to your home office. Whether your home is contemporary or full of vintage style, choose a desk and chair that suits this style.

4. Consider your window dressing

Shutters are ideal for home offices because they can easily adjust light ensuring there’s no glare reflecting on your screen. They also regulate temperature and provide an extra element of soundproofing to help you work more comfortably.


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