How Do Interior Colours Affect Your Mood?

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and it makes you feel cosy, relaxed and comfortable? They may have the same house, furniture and appliances as you, but being there feels much more welcoming?

Various studies have shown colour has a real psychological effect on individuals. Here are seven of the trendiest interior colours and the effect they have on our mood and emotions:


Bold and sophisticated, black isn’t the most common choice for interior design, which makes sense as if you paint the entire room black, it will create a depressing and sad ambience. However, black is a versatile option that will match with any colour. It’s great for adding depth and bringing out certain elements in your room.


Calm and versatile, grey is a great background colour that has been an ongoing trend for some time. Grey can be easily combined with other colours and textures. Paired with blue and brown, grey has been proven to boost productivity and creativity.


Clean and pure, white is perfect for creating a tranquil and calm atmosphere. White is great at enlarging living space, but too much white can make your room look too sterile. White goes great with any colour and is often the go-to colour for minimal interiors.


Rich and dramatic, purple is the perfect colour for your bedroom. Dark purple is an intimate colour, where light purples create a romantic atmosphere. Purple boosts prosperity, so if you’re looking for a luxurious interior, start introducing small amounts of purple to your interior.


Passionate and powerful, red is a stimulating colour which adds the element of warmth and luxury. In Asia culture, red is a brave colour that carries good luck. Using red for your accessories or as accents in your home is a good idea, however, be careful not to overdo and create an aggressive mood.


Calming and serene, blue is a versatile colour. Light blue is tranquil and soft, while dark blue is powerful and serious. Blue is a great colour for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Blue is known for suppressing appetite, so consider using it in your kitchen if you want to lose weight.


Refreshing and soothing, green represents nature and vitality like no other colour. Green creates a balanced atmosphere, great for unwinding in. Therefore, consider using green in the bedroom, bathroom, living or dining room. Green is great for spaces where people tend to socialise and connect.


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