Choose Stained Wooden Shutters for a Traditional Appeal

Stained wooden plantation shutters have an underestimated luxury appeal. Not only do they look, feel and smell exquisite, the craftsmanship that Totally Shutters is renowned for, makes them stand out above others.

Stained wooden shutters have a distinctive personality as no two hardwood grains are exactly the same, so every set of plantation shutters are unique, making a room look truly wonderful.

Rather than the PVC alternative, a genuine wooden shutter feels and looks like nothing else. Quality always sets itself apart and it’s definitely the case with hardwood shutters from Totally Shutters.

What are the benefits of hardwood plantation shutters?

Hardwood is a strong and versatile material that is easy to maintain, making it the perfect material for plantation shutters. Hardwood is a sustainable source, so you know you will be doing your bit for the planet. Other benefits of hardwood plantation shutters include:

  • Full light control – by tilting the louvres, you can decide how much light you want to enter your room
  • Privacy control – no more prying eyes from neighbours or passersby, as they won’t be able to see in, without compromising light
  • Additional insulation – as your shutters provide an extra layer between the glass and the room, heat will be kept in and cold out, helping reduce utility bills
  • Security – their exterior acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders
  • Versatility – as hardwood is strong, it is perfectly suited to unusual shaped windows such as arches and bays, regardless of their size


For more information on the benefits of stained wooden plantation shutters, or to book your free, no obligation in-house survey, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All wooden shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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