Best Window Treatments for Nurseries

There’s nothing more exciting for parents-to-be than decorating their baby’s nursery. From the theme and colour scheme to the floor and window coverings, all aspects of the baby’s nursery must come together to make the perfect room.

A baby’s nursery needs to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for sleep, provide privacy for parents during changings and feeds, and be safe and fun for the child as he or she plays.

With more window options than ever before, deciding what window treatment for your nursery can be an overwhelming decision. So, what factors matter most?

Child safety

Child safety can be affected by your choice of window covering, as curtains and blinds rely on cords and ties to maintain functionality. These are a hazard for young children who are inquisitive and could easily get tangled in these hanging obstacles.

As plantation shutters don’t need cords or ties to function, they’re suited for nurseries in terms of style and practicality.


Young children need a lot of sleep, at night time and during the day. As well as helping to promote child safety, Totally Shutter’s Shutter & Shade range is integrated with a room-darkening system helping create a dark environment – great for children who need to nap during the day and find it difficult due to the light.

Unlike other window treatments, shutters provide a layer between the home and outside world, helping you control light, privacy and noise levels.

Allergy-free and maintenance

Young children can be sensitive to allergies. Unlike curtains that can trap dust, plantation shutters are the most hygienic window treatment as they prevent the build-up of dust. Plantation shutters are also easy to clean and maintain requiring a simple wiped down with a damp cloth every so often.

For more information on plantation shutters, the Shutter & Shade range or window treatments for nurseries, contact Totally Shutters today 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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