4 Lighting Solutions for Dark Rooms

Summer is over, and the nights are getting darker earlier. If you’re looking to inject some light and brighten up a small room whatever the weather, these four lighting solutions are for you:

1. Make space for natural light

When it comes to getting natural light to enter a room, you must pay attention to the window. Heavy curtains can prevent light from entering a room, and blinds either block light or compromise your privacy. To maximise natural light without compromising your privacy, you need shutters.

For a dark room, we suggest opting for white shutters for maximum reflectively and light. Wide slats allow for the most light and they are the ideal option for dark rooms.

2. Add light sources

A dark room needs help from electric lighting. To ensure the room is well illuminated, team a ceiling pendant with other light sources such as floor and table lights. Consider accent lighting, which highlights particular features, such as an alcove or picture.

The finish of lighting can make a dark room brighter. Try metallic finishing such a copper or brass, or silver, to boost the light in the space.

3. Brighten with a mirror

To boost natural light for dark rooms, introduce a mirror. The bigger the mirror the better. Combine a large mirror with reflective white finishes and you’ll get excellent room-brightening results.

4. Go for light-coloured furniture

It’s important to check your furniture choices if your room is looking gloomy. Dark woods absorb light rather than reflecting it, making the room appear darker. Instead, opt for very pale wood finishes or consider revamping existing furniture in light-reflective colours.


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