4 Alternative Ways to Transform Your Room With Shutters

You know shutters are a great way to transform your windows and doors, but did you know there are many other ways shutter blinds can be used throughout your home? Discover these 4 alternative ways to use plantation shutters in your home:

1. Shutters as a headboard

Pic credit: Style Made Simple

Shutters can bring real character to the room and installing shutter blinds behind your bed can create a really charming headboard. Shutter blinds as a headboard can create a traditional or contemporary look in your bedroom depending on the colour of shutters chosen.

2. Shutters as wardrobe doors

Pic credit: Precious Sister Blogspot

Installing shutters as wardrobe doors is a popular choice. As more customers discover the benefits of made-to-measure shutters, we’ve installed many shutter blinds for wardrobe doors. If your home is particularly prone to damp, louvred shutters as wardrobe doors is a great way to keep air flowing through the closet while hiding the clutter inside.

3. Shutters to hide a TV screen

Pic credit: Ballard Designs

Wall mounted TV screens are a big perk in the home, but they can dominate the look of a room. A TV screen can be easily hidden when not in use with made-to-measure shutters.

4. Shutters as bathroom hooks

Pic credit: Liz Marie Blog

For a shabby chic look, use plantation shutters as bathroom hooks. Simply lean the shutter to one side, drill in some hooks and you have yourself a completely unique hook system perfect for hanging towels.


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