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Make Your Home Work Harder With Plantation Shutters

If you’re looking for a better-designed space, sometimes moving home isn’t necessarily the only option; the answer could be to renovate. By making your space work hard, you may find the perfect solution.

To make your space work harder, you need to look at your home from a different angle and not be afraid to introduce new changes. To make your home look high end, go for plantation shutters. Not only do they add more room to your window spaces, but they’re also stylish, practical and affordable.

Why install plantation shutters?

  • You don’t need to spend a fortune relocating when some design changes can ensure your home becomes practical and beautiful. So why shutters?
  • Shutters complement every property, interior style, colour scheme and window shape.
  • They instantly improve the appearance of a room, smarten the interior and exterior of your home, increasing your property’s value and curb appeal.
  • They’re incredibly practical, helping maximise the natural light you receive in your home while blocking our prying eyes.
  • They help deflect the sunlight keeping your home cooler in the summer months and help trap the heat in your home during the winter months, helping reduce energy bills.

Are plantation shutters worth the investment?

In short, yes. Plantation shutters are a quality window treatment that are durable, long-lasting and practical. Unlike blinds or curtains, they come with a range of benefits and make the window space and room appear bigger as they are fitted into the window frame.


For more information on plantation shutters for your home or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Plantation Shutters: A Family-Approved Window Covering

When investing in new furniture for your house, you will want to make sure your new additions are loved by everyone in your home.

Plantation shutters are stylish and come with many benefits. They are also versatile, suiting all room types and people. From bright and cheerful colours in your children’s bedrooms to neutral colours to complement your existing interior, shutters work well for every family member.

Great for children’s bedrooms

Getting the right window treatment for your child’s bedroom is paramount to a good night’s sleep. You will want a dressing that blocks out all light and noise disturbances so you can eliminate any chance of disruption.

Plantation shutters are made from high-quality hardwood that blocks out all light and noise. All shutters are available in a range of colour so you can add a pop of colour to their room. Unlike blinds, plantation shutters don’t use cords to open and close, making them much safer to have around younger children.

Ideal for living rooms

Plantation shutters are a great living room addition. There’s no greater feeling than coming home from work or school and getting comfy on the sofa for the evening.

Plantation shutters create the perfect atmosphere as you can control the amount of light entering the room by adjusting the slats. Shutters are also easy to care for, making them great for busy parents.

Long-term solution for families

Families looking for long-term window treatments will appreciate window shutters. Shutters are made from high-quality materials which will last you for years to come. No matter their age, shutters that are looked after will still look as fabulous as the day you got them.

Plantation shutters act as a barrier to cold drafts, containing the heat inside the house, which will save you money in the winter. They also help do deflect sunlight from your home, helping to keep your home cool in the summer months.


For more information on plantation shutters for your family home or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Modernising Your Kitchen

Are you considering revamping your kitchen to modernise your space? Perhaps you’re looking to incorporate some slight adjustments for something different? Here are some top tips for transforming your kitchen space:

Keep your worktops clear

It’s important to keep your worktops de-cluttered to allow yourself plenty of space to cook, bake and relax. A key solution to this will be using clever storage solutions, but you will also want to carefully consider where to place your kitchen essentials, such as toaster, kettle and blender.

Kitchen island

If you’re designing your kitchen from scratch, you may want to incorporate a kitchen island into your installation. A kitchen island can be utilised for cooking by adding stoves or an oven into the unit. Adding seating around the island will ensure it doubles as a breakfast bar.

Storage solutions

Clever storage solutions will make a difference to your kitchen in terms of the overall design and by making everything convenient to access. Depending on your interior design taste, you can add cupboards and shelving nooks to hide and showcase items. Most modern kitchens have integrated bin storage to keep it out of sight.

Inject some colour

If your kitchen has a strong emphasis on one neutral colour or shade such as white, you may look to inject some colour and make a statement. A burst of colour can break up the design and make it “pop”.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a sure-fire way to modernising your kitchen. They are stylish, practical and low-maintenance, helping refresh your kitchen and ensuring a convenient space. They’re also durable and will last for future renovations.


For more information on modernising your home with plantation shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Ticking Off Your Home Renovations

Home renovations are stressful, as your home becomes a building site, and lengthy works can leave you feeling hopeless as though there is no end in sight. Many of our customers choose to invest in plantation shutters while undergoing home renovations as the finishing touch to work undergone.

Whether you’re undergoing renovations and at a standstill with the amount of work that needs requiring, or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of works, here are some tips from our shutter specialists to help you pull through:

Focus on your priorities

Home renovations can get overwhelming very quickly. A great way to keep grounded is to set your priorities and keep yourself focused on them. Although, it’s exciting for your dream interiors to become a reality, not everything needs to be complete at once.

Get the basics out of the way first; walls, floors, windows and their dressings. Home decoration can sway your attention or budget, but decoration is not a key component of your interior, it’s worth investing in longer lasting components for a little more for better quality.

Organise your time and budget

When it comes to home renovations, some things can be delayed or be more costly due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep this in mind when you’re organising timings and budgets.

You will likely have your budget set early in the process, so try to stick to this figure as the renovations take place. Keeping a spreadsheet to keep on top of finances is a good idea.

Trust your experts

If you have paid for experts to complete work, such as our shutter specialists, trust their experience and enjoy the moment to kick back and relax whilst they do their thing. You will be able to enjoy looking through the finished works once completed.


For more information on installing plantation shutters during your home renovations or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Your Home

With climate change at the forefront of people’s minds, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly products for their home, reducing their carbon footprint and making the world a better place one item at a time.

Recycle and Reuse

One of the most effective ways to help the environment is to re-use and recycle as much as possible. If you’re looking for a new furniture piece, heading to the local charity to see what treasures you can uncover is a great way to be environmentally friendly.

eBay and Gumtree are also great ways to find a second-hand piece of furniture at a bargain price. Many items can be upcycled to look brand new and fit your interior style. Similarly, if you’re replacing furniture, complete the cycle by selling or donating the pieces.

Choose Paint Wisely

When it comes to painting your home, choose a paint that is chemical-free or that has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) contents. VOC can release toxins into your homes for years after the paint has been applied, which is not only bad for the environment but for health too. More and more paint companies are making paint with a lower VOC, just look for “low-VOC” on the label.

Decorate with Plants

Decorate your home with house plants. House plants are natural humidifiers, soaking up any harmful toxins and pollutants, purifying your air. You and your home will be better for it, so why not add some to every room in the home.

Invite the Natural Light In

Having the right lighting in a home can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. If your homes foundation allows, consider knocking out smaller windows to create larger windows. Add double or triple glazing to the windows to help keep the heat in during the winter, saving on your energy bill.

Free your windows from heavy curtains or blinds that are blocking out the beautiful light from the outside and consider plantation shutters. Shutters keep privacy in the home while still letting in the natural light.

For more information on the eco-friendly benefits of plantation shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Understanding Shutter Terminology

On the Totally Shutters blog, we talk a lot about plantation shutters. But if you’re new to shutters, this terminology that we use to describe technical specifications and different shutter designs maybe a little confusing. This guide will introduce you to some of the key terms to help you with your window covering research:


A panel is a frame hinged to the window area which swings open like a door to expose the window. The panel is where slats are located in full-height, tier-on-tier and cafe style shutters.


A shutter slat or louvre is the small pieces of wood that sit in the shutter panel. Slats are operated by using the tilt rod or by pushing a single slat which is clipped to an internal cog mechanism. Slats control how much light enters the room.

Tilt rod

A tilt rod is a wooden stick attached to the front of the shutter panels, used to control the tilt angle of slat sections. You can either choose to opt for a tilt rod or an internal cog mechanism.


There are two rails on every shutter panel, located above and below the slats. A divider rail may also be added, particularly on large windows. Rails give support to the panel and any optional extras such as locks.


The frame is where the plantation shutter attaches to the windows on their surrounds. Various framing styles are available, but your shutter specialist will tell you in your free in-house survey what option will be best for your window type.

Divider rail

The divider rail is sometimes used for decorative purposes to align the window divide, or for structural support on particularly large panels. The location usually depends on any divides in the window.


For more information on our plantation shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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5 Things Customers Love Our Plantation Shutters

For homeowners looking for a new window dressing for their home or office, here are five reasons to buy plantation shutters from Totally Shutters:

Our Extensive Experience

With over fifteen years of experience, our team of shutter specialists have a wealth of knowledge in measuring, crafting and installing plantation shutters. You can rest assured your new window dressings are in safe hands and will be exactly what you envisioned.

Our FREE In-House Survey

We offer a free, no obligation in-house survey to all of our customers in London and surrounding areas. As part of the in-house survey, we will come to your home at a time that suits you, armed with shutter samples to help you decide which plantation shutter is right for you. We will also measure your windows and provide an accurate quotation.

Stylish and Practicality Benefits

No window dressing comes close to plantation shutters in terms of style and practicality. With plantation shutters, you have total control over how much light enters your home and privacy levels. Plantation shutters also add kerb appeal to your home, helping increase your property price.

Wide Range of Finishes Available

As well as having full height, tier-on-tier, solid panel and cafe style plantation shutter styles, we also have a wide range of materials, paints and stained finishes available. If we don’t have the colour you had in mind, we also offer a custom colour service.

Measured, Fitted and Installed Around You

Our shutters team works around you and your schedule. We will measure your shutters, fit and install them at a convenient time for you.

For more information on the benefits of our plantation shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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The Noise Reduction Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Outdoor noise can be a real distraction, preventing you from sitting back and relaxing or even sleeping. However, the installation of plantation shutters can help reduce the noise and creating a peaceful ambience.

What type of plantation shutters reduce road noise?

If you live on a street with consistent road traffic, solid shutters may be the solution for you. The solid panelled doors will block out most sounds when closed, allowing your home to be a peaceful escape from the outside world.

Made from solid hardwood and covering the entire window, solid shutters reduce noise and allow for a restful night’s sleep.

However, if the noise that enters your home isn’t too harsh, full-height and tier-on-tier plantation shutters are both perfect solutions to blocking out external noise.

Will louvred shutters help to keep my house quiet?

Both full-height and tier-on-tier louvred shutters have movable slats that can be adjusted to suit your requirements, whether that be to increase sunlight, increase privacy or block external noise.

If your street is noisy, the louvres can be closed to act as a second barrier on the window, making it harder for sound to travel into your home. Unlike other window coverings such as curtains and blinds, plantation shutters are fixed to the perimeter of the window, preventing external noise from travelling inside.


For more information on the noise reduction benefits of window shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Plantation Shutters for Curved Bay Windows

Curved bay windows are perfect for inviting maximum sunshine into your home. If you have curved bay windows, you will want to dress them in the most practical, stylish solution. Bay window shutters offer many benefits and advantages over other types of window coverings.

Advantages of curved bay window shutters

  • Maximum sunlight: with bay window shutters, you gain so much versatility as you have full control over how much sunlight gets in, ideal for filling your home with natural light.
  • Complete privacy: just as you have total control over how much sunshine enters your home, you can also block the view from outside of your home by adjusting the slats.
  • Aesthetics: plantation shutters look incredible when installed on curved bay windows, giving your home curb appeal. Curved bay shutters provide a timeless look that complements the window’s features.
  • Made-to-measure: just with all plantation shutters, there are so many options available for bay window shutters when it comes to style, size and colour, giving you a bespoke result that is tailor-made to you and your home.

Why Totally Shutters?

Our team of shutter specialists have over 15 year’s experience in crafting, manufacturing and installing curved bay windows and homes around the UK. We make each shutter to your exact specifications. Everything is measured flawlessly, chosen to meet your style and requirements, and then installed to perfection.

We understand that life can be busy, that’s why we offer our free, no obligation in-house survey, and we come to your home at a time that suits your schedule.


For more information on curved bay window shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Tackle Your Spring Cleaning this Bank Holiday

With an extra day off this weekend, you might be thinking about taking on a traditional spring clean and get your home bright and fresh ready for summer. Here are some top tips to help you undertake your spring clean this bank holiday Monday:

Make a plan of action

Before you start your spring clean, it’s a good idea to make a plan so you’re working efficiently as possible. Perhaps by tackling one room at a time or breaking the cleaning up by task. Whatever your method, it may be useful to break down each job to ensure no cleaning goes missed.

Keep motivated with a soundtrack

If you’re taking on the bulk of the clean yourself, then you’ll want to make sure that you have some motivational tracks to keep you going throughout your day. Podcasts and music are a great way to help you power through your tasks and keep you entertained.

Choose your tools

You might need some extra cleaning tools for a spring clean. It is worth researching beforehand to see what multi-cleaners you could opt for to save buying numerous products, and their suitability to avoid damaging your surfaces.

Don’t forget your shutters

When taking on your spring clean, it’s easy to forget your window dressing, so don’t forget to add them to your spring clean checklist. To keep your plantation shutters looking brand new, give them a wipe down with a cloth.


For more information on cleaning your window shutters or to book your free no obligation in-house survey, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 6963. All plantation shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.