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Get the Perfect Summer’s Sleep with Blackout Shutters

School is out and the British Summer heatwave has been forecasted to make a return next week. Although great for those planning a staycation in the sun, the scorching weather, sticky heat and brighter, longer days can be troublesome for many Brits, particularly shift workers and children who are accustomed to sleeping during the day. So how can you create the perfect sleeping environment be created come day or night?

Why getting a good night’s sleep is important

An increasing amount of studies mean as a nation, we’re becoming more aware of the importance of a good nights sleep. As we recognise the benefits of resting well, we’re understanding the perfect bedtime routine should be combined with exercise, relaxation and healthy eating.

When it’s daylight time, our bodies assume its time to be awake. In the mid-to-late evening, the body realises a hormone called melatonin which helps control your daily wake-sleep cycle, relaxing the body and mind, helping us to drift off. It’s, therefore, no surprise that many of us struggle to sleep when it’s light outside.

By investing and making a few changes in our bedrooms, we can help our bodies overcome this daily release of melatonin and positively impact the way we sleep. By changing the temperature, switching off electronic devices and blocking out sound and light, we can create the perfect sleeping environment.

The solution: complete blackout shutters

The shutter and shade range from Totally Shutters help transform your room as dark as possible, blocking out all external light leaving you to enjoy a well-earned quality sleep, no matter the time of day.

Unlike traditional blackout blinds, blackout shutters from the shutter and shade range has an integrated room darkening blind which helps to blackout 99% of all external light and nose while providing complete privacy, making them the ideal addition for bedrooms and nurseries.

Available in a range of colours, the shutter and shade combo is practical and styled to suit your interior and transform your home.


Getting the best environment to sleep means taking into consideration light levels, temperature, furnishings and furniture. Blocking out all external light can make all the difference when getting the perfect summer’s sleep, call us today on 0203 960 69 63 to learn more about blackout shutters and our shutter and shade collection.

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Keeping Cool with Plantation Shutters During the Summer Heatwave

The UK weather has defined all expectations so far, with scorching temperatures engulfing the country throughout the first half of summer. Now weather forecasters have told Britons to “stay out of the sun” from now until Friday as the Met Office has issued an amber heatwave alert as the hottest day of the year is on track to beat all records. The warning is in place until 9 am Friday, as temperatures continue to sizzle.

But with homes feeling uncomfortably sticky with the heat, how can Britons stay out of the sun while keeping their rooms cool during this scorcher of a summer?

The key to keeping the temperature of your home low is through proper ventilation. For many families, this means opening curtains, raising blinds and opening all windows. However, by doing this, you’re allowing sunlight to enter and heat up your home. Not to mention, your window coverings will be bouncing around, damaging your interior and making a racket.

Plantation shutters: the solution to tackling the heatwave

Direct sunlight can warm your home, countering the ventilation created from the opened windows. Shutter blinds allow you to open up your windows while the shutters itself can be left shut and adjusted, allowing you to gain airflow throughout your room as well as blocking out harsh direct sunlight.

Shutters prevent your interior from being damaged by direct sunlight and allow for complete privacy during the warm summer months. This is incredibly important as property crime increases during the warmer months. Shutters are not only great for summer but winter too, as they keep the warm air in and the cool air out.

Plantation shutters from Totally Shutters come in many different styles. Our most popular style is the full-height shutters which run the whole height of your window and can be fully opened, closed and adjusted. Tier-on-tier shutters are also a popular option as they include all the functionality of full-height shutters with a split in the middle, creating a top and bottom section of shutters for ultimate flexibility when it comes to airflow and blocking out sunlight.

If you would like more information on how plantation shutters can benefit you and your home in summer and throughout the rest of the year, call us today on 0203 960 69 63.

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Plantation Shutters vs Blinds: Which is Best?

You’ve decided that curtains and drapes are not for you, but now you’re torn between plantation shutters and blinds. Not always an obvious choice, plantation shutters have a lot of advantages to being a window dressing. Let’s take a look at the two window dressing types, so you can make the best-informed decision for styling your home:

Plantation Shutters

The main difference between plantation shutters and blinds is the way they’re fitted. While blinds tend to be attached to the inside the window recess, shutters are attached to the window frame itself, allowing for a more sturdy structure.


  • Attractive and suited to every room and interior
  • A timeless addition to your home
  • Hard-wearing and long lasting
  • Requires little maintenance and easy to clean
  • Excellent for keeping heat in
  • Separate operation of each section allowing for excellent light control and ventilation
  • Offers an extra layer of security to your home
  • An investment that adds value to your home
  • Available in a range of high-quality materials including wood, PVC and faux wood
  • No cords or chains needed, so very child safe
  • Less scope for shutters to get damaged as there are no mechanisms
  • Fitted to any size and shape window, regardless of how obscure it may be
  • Can be custom painted to perfectly match the decor of your home


  • Can take up more window space than blinds as they’re fitted to the window frame rather than in the window recess
  • More costly than blinds


Blinds are more popular window dressing than shutters as they’re more widely available and affordable to buy.


  • Available in a huge variety of styles, designs and colours
  • Can be adjusted to offer varying levels of light and shade
  • Wide selection of materials available to suit every environment (e.g. PVC for bathrooms)
  • Options for blackout and insulation, allowing for conditions in your home to be improved
  • Very affordable


  • Much less robust than plantation shutters
  • Requires more maintenance and cleaning than shutters
  • Fabrics can become damaged from UV rays or too much moisture
  • Much shorter lifespan than shutters and will need to be replaced more frequently
  • Can become damaged more easily as there is more chance for things to go wrong, such as the mechanisms


When choosing between plantation shutters and blinds, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, plantation shutters offer a more robust, high-quality design that will withstand the test of time, and are a real investment for your home.

If you would like to know more about your window options, contact Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 69 63.

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How to Choose the Right Shutters for Every Room

Plantation shutters are both a practical and stylish solution. They can be used to block eternal light, control the amount of outside light entering your home and block out the weather. And unlike what many people believe, shutters can be installed in any room of the home, regardless of style and decor.

If you’re still not 100% sure which shutter blinds to get for your home, this style guide will help you with your choice, dependant on which room:

Living Room

If you overlook a busy road, tier-on-tier plantation shutters are a great option. Not only do they provide complete privacy, the upper panels can be folded back to allow maximum daylight. Tier-on-tier shutters have the flexibility to access the window locks easily allow for air ventilation.


Solid shutters are a good choice for bedrooms as they block out daylight and make your room feel secure at night. But if you want utter privacy without going solid, full-height shutters are probably a better option for you.


Whether you have a poorly-ventilated bathroom or enjoy a long soak, UPVC waterproof blinds are perfect as they withstand the steamiest of rooms. What’s more, UPVC waterproof blinds are available in any colour. If your bathroom window is small, opt for a full height shutter with narrow slats as this will make your window look bigger and more uniform.


If your window is near the cooking area, UPVC waterproof blinds are highly recommended because they’re hard-wearing, easy to clean and guaranteed to be warp-proof. As UPVC waterproof blinds look just like wooden shutters, you can mix and match both materials easily in an open-plan space. However, if you’re looking to hide an ugly view outside or wanting more privacy, cafe-style shutters are also a good option for kitchens.

Dining room

If you use the dining room for evenings only, why not consider a mood-enhancing, darker shade for your shutters in either a stain or paint colour. If your dining room doubles up as a home office or homework space, why not opt for tier-on-tier shutters to help illuminate glare fatigue from your computer screen.


If you still need more help or advice about choosing your plantation shutters or would like to request a free no obligation quotation, call us now on 0203 960 69 63.

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Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Home?

Plantation shutters are a popular design choice in many homes because they’re easy to maintain, long-lasting and look aesthetically pleasing. While good looks may have you twitching to make the plunge, did you know there are many practical reasons for installing interior shutters in your window? Here are 9 reasons why plantation shutters are a smart choice for your interior:

1. Aesthetics

Plantation shutters are extremely appealing and come in a variety of sizes and finishes, as well as mounting options. They fit any interior design, offering a stylish and cohesive look. While white or natural stain sits well for a traditional look, interior shutters can be painted any colour with our colour custom service, offering a more unique and modern look. What’s more, plantation shutters look good from both the interior of your home and the exterior.

2. Privacy

Interior shutter blinds can be adjusted to let light in but unlike some window dressings, if you angle plantation blinds just right, you will be able to see out but others won’t be able to see in, allowing you to have privacy as well as light.

3. Ventilation

When you angle your plantation shutters, you can adjust the slats to let the fresh air in and allow for maximum ventilation all while maintaining your privacy. Unlike mini blinds and other window coverings, plantation shutters don’t rattle due to air flow.

4. Energy efficient

Plantation shutters are brilliant insulators, resulting in lower energy bills. During winter, your plantation shutters provide an extra layer of insulation. In Summer, your interior shutters can be adjusted to deflect sunshine and cool down your home.

5. Durability

Made-to-measure shutter blinds are durable and built to last. And because you won’t need to replace your plantation shutters every few years, your initial investment will pay off during time, making them less expensive than other window coverings such as drapes.

6. Low maintenance

Plantation shutters are less maintenance than other types of window coverings. Just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time is all interior shutters need. And because plantation shutters have a larger surface area than mini blinds, they’re much easier to clean.

7. Child safety

Plantation shutters don’t have dangling cords or strings so your children won’t get tangled up, making interior shutters a much safer alternative to mini blinds and drapes.

8. Future investment

Although a tad more expensive than other window dressings, plantation shutters are a good investment that will pay off in the long run. Many home buyers find interior shutters a plus when comparing potential homes. And the IRS consider installing plantation shutters as a capital improvement to your home, translating into tax savings when you’re ready to sell your home.

9. Room dividers

Plantation shutters make brilliant room dividers and can be installed to cover cutouts and niches in your home. For example, if your home has a built-in niche for a television that’s no longer required for the new widescreen, interior shutters make a good new storage solution, securing the clutter while looking nice.


Their attractiveness, light control, longevity, durability, energy saving and safety features are just a few reasons to consider plantation shutters. For more information, or to enquire about made-to-measure interior shutters for your home, call today Totally Shutters on 0203 960 69 63!