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How to Clean Your Wooden Plantation Shutters

With many styles, stains and finishes to choose from, wooden shutters create a timeless and elegant look in your home, complimenting both contemporary and classic interior.

However, as a natural fibre, wood cannot cope with excessive amounts of moisture, responding by swelling then shrinking as it dries out. Wooden shutters can become warped and ill-fitted if cleaned with too much water or liquid solutions.

Whether you have slatted or solid wooden shutters, we recommend using the following cleaning tips:

Dust removal

To keep your wooden shutters dust-free, clean your shutter blinds with a dry cloth by tilting your slats to open position and wiping each slat from centre to outer edge. For a quick clean, close your shutters and wipe the slats and frame with a clean cloth and a hand-held feather duster for hard-to-reach areas.

Alternatively, you can also clean your shutters with a vacuum cleaner as long as you have a soft upholstery attachment. Clean your slats in the same way you would a duster, opening your slats to clean each one or closing the slats and brushing over the entire shutter.

Stubborn stains

To lift stubborn stains that you cannot remove with a dry cloth, rub lightly with a damp cloth, wiping away excess moisture with a clean and damp cloth. When lifting stains, do not rub too hard as this may affect the paint or finish on your shutters.


We hope you found this cleaning guide useful. For more information on wooden plantation shutters or to request your free, no-obligation quotation, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 69 63. All shutters from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Bi-Fold Shutters for Your Home

Plantation shutters add a touch of style to your interior and home, but if you’re looking for a more traditional charm, bi-fold shutters may be the window covering solution for you. The beauty of bi-fold is that you can tuck the shutters out of the way, providing easy access whenever you need it.

Bi-fold shutters are ideal for larger windows, patio doors or to use as room dividers. The concertina design of a bi-fold provides you with easy access to your window, patio or balcony, allowing your outdoor and indoor spaces to merge together harmoniously for an increased sense of light and space.

What are bi-fold shutters?

Named after the way they fold, bi-fold shutters function on a hinge system that allows the shutter panels to fold to one side of each frame, creating an accordion effect.

Open your bi-fold shutters to let the light in along with fresh, cool air. When you fully open bi-fold shutters you can enjoy a clear, unobstructed view. When shut, bi-fold shutters provide complete privacy, helping you relax in the comfort of your home with your guard down.

Bi-fold shutters are available in a broad range of options, colours and finishes. So whatever your home or interior, there’s a bi-fold shutter option available to suit your decor.

The different types of bi-fold shutters

You can opt for shutters that function on the hinges only, which are ideal for separation or divisions in open-plan spaces. The panels fold out on either side and stack neatly together on one side.

Or you can choose bi-fold shutters on top and bottom tracks which are ideal for window and door coverings, or dividing spaces with higher ceilings as the tracks allow for a more stable movement of the panels.


If you want to transform the look of your home, look no further than bi-fold shutters. For more information on bi-fold shutters on hinges or bi-fold shutters on track, call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 69 63. All shutters from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Add a Splash of Colour to Your Windows With Custom Colour Shutters

Regardless of the property style and interior design, plantation shutters look fantastic in any home, helping transform your room into something special. But if you’re looking for something a little different that adds the wow factor, why not add a splash of colour to your home and windows with custom colour shutters?

From calming blues to buttercup yellows and quintessential pinks, our colour custom service matches any colour, providing endless possibilities. Adding a splash of colour can change the mood of your home, can make a statement or make your interior pop.

Custom colour shutters are elegant, timeless and will continue to complement the decor of your home even if you decide to redecorate. Here are 7 benefits for choosing custom colour shutters:

Benefits of custom colour shutters

  • You can match your custom colour shutters to your existing decor
  • You can tailor your shutters to match your own unique interior design taste
  • Custom colour shutters can help inject fun and personality into your property
  • There is plenty of scope to create a unique look in your home
  • Custom colour shutters can create a bright and fresh look when viewed from the inside or outside
  • Darker colours can look striking but few people want to paint their walls darker as it can make the room look smaller. Painting your shutters a darker colour can add contrast to your home without compromising on the feel of space
  • Decorating a child’s room can be tricky as their tastes change as they get older. A great solution to this would be keeping walls and flooring neural, introducing colour via your window shutters

At Totally Shutters we build up the colour of your custom colour shutters layer by layer, rubbing each panel between coats for a smooth and hardwearing finish. We then add a UV protective layer to reduce the chance of fading caused by sunlight.


All you have to do is give us a sample of the paint or stain colour you would like for your shutter blinds and we’ll match it. Get in touch with Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 69 63 to find out how we can add a splash of colour to your home with custom colour shutters. All custom colour shutters from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Shutters are Britain’s Window Dressing of Choice

Millions of people across the UK are turning their backs on the more traditional forms of window dressings and opting for the more practical and stylish alternative of plantation shutters – a trend that has been highlighted in the Sunday Times by respected writer Caroline Scott, and a trend that Totally Shutters have been at the forefront for over 15 years.

Why are shutters taking the country by storm?

America embraced the plantation shutter trend long before Britain, with 40% of American homes having shutters compared to around 10% in Britain. But now plantation shutters sales in the UK are continually growing year-by-year at a rate of 35%.

Before Totally Shutters was founded, plantation shutters were considered an ‘extravagant’ product seen only in designer homes and luxury hotels. But in recent years, shutters have become more available and their popularity has risen as homeowners of all types of properties are realising their benefits and value.

Plantation shutters are seen as an investment, lasting a lifetime while adding value to your home. They are just as practical as they are beautiful, improving privacy, reducing noise and allowing ambient light. They are easy to clean, hardwearing and do not warp or fade in the sun.

What’s more, plantation shutters can be custom made to fit any type of window, including bay windows and shaped windows such as circular windows. They come in a variety of styles such as tier on tier and cafe style. They’re also available in a wide range of different wood options and finishes, with choice of slat sizes.


If you’re considering plantation shutters for your home or business, contact Totally Shutters on 0203 960 69 63 to discuss the shutter options available for your home and for your free no-obligation quotation.

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Totally Shutters: London’s Fast Growing Plantation Shutter Company

If you’re looking for plantation shutters in London, look no further than Totally Shutters – London’s fast-growing shutter blind manufacturing company with an unrivalled reputation for supplying the finest quality window dressings to residential and commercial properties around London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and throughout the UK.

Totally Shutters strive to maintain a high standard at all time while providing shutters at competitive prices. With over 15 years of experience within the window blind and interior design industry, Totally Shutters have supplied plantation shutters to homes throughout the UK.

The Finest Shutters in London

Our range of window shutters has been expertly designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. So whether you’re looking to enhance your privacy, add style to your home or prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture, we have a shutter blind solution for you.

At Totally Shutters we provide a first-class service from start to finish to all of our customers in London and surrounding areas. We make buying window shutters as simple and as straight-forward as possible, that’s why we offer a free, no-obligation in-house survey.

Our free, no-obligation in-house survey allows you to choose your shutter blinds in the comfort of your own home. During your in-house survey, one of our professional surveyors will bring lots of shutter samples for inspiration and discuss the various shutter options available for your home, before taking the measurements of your windows.

With a wealth of experience in creating, manufacturing and fitting shutters in London and around the UK, you can sit back safe in the knowledge that your shutters will be right the first time.


If you’re looking for plantation shutters in London, call Totally Shutters on 0203 960 69 63 for your free, no-obligation quotation. Alternatively, if you would like an estimate costing of your shutters beforehand, please go to our quick quote service or give us a call with your window dimensions and we will give you a quote for your chose shutters over the phone.

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Office Shutters: The Perfect Option for Your Office

As a business owner, it’s important to create a happy and safe work environment for your employees, designed with maximum productivity in mind. And a happy and productive workplace starts with your window dressing option.

Many business owners turn to vertical blinds for their window solution, but vertical blinds can look tiresome, dated and often don’t stand the test of time with panels falling out of place, discolourment, tears and rips, and they can be difficult to clean.

As a more stylish and practical option, office shutters are becoming an increasingly more popular option for the workplace as they offer exceptional privacy and security while providing ample control over light levels.

Here are 6 reasons why office shutters are the perfect office solution:

1. Easily adjusts sunlight levels

With office shutters, you can easily adjust the louvres to any position you want, changing the incidence of sunlight in a way that does not shine in your employee’s eyes, face or monitor screen – the ideal solution for working on computers in bright sunlight.

2. Blocks out external noise

The best workplace environment encourages productivity and helps you concentrate. Shutter blinds add an insulating layer to your window, helping reduce external noise levels and minimise distractions.

3. Offers the ultimate privacy

If your office is overlooked by nearby properties, or on a busy road, shutters can provide the privacy your employees need to work effectively. Tilting the louvres to an angle can help hide your office equipment, such as computers or invoices, without losing the natural light filtering into your space.

4. Extremely energy efficient

Office shutters are brilliant insulators, providing an extra layer of insulation during the Winter and deflecting sunshine, cooling the room in the Summer. As a result, office shutters are energy efficient, reducing heating and air conditioning costs.

5. A stylish solution

Available in a variety of styles and finishes, as well as mounting options, shutters are an extremely appealing option. Office shutters add a stylish touch to your office, enhancing the decor and improving the workplace environment.

6. Built to last

Office shutters are durable and built to last, making them less expensive than other window coverings as they won’t need replacing every few years. They’re also low maintenance, requiring a quick wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.


If you’re looking to spruce up your workplace with office shutters, look no further than Totally Shutters. Call on 0203 960 69 63 for more information or to inquire about your interior shutters for your office. All shutters from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Child Safety: Why Shutters Are Safer Than Blinds

It’s estimated that one infant is strangled to death every month in the United States from window blinds. As this has become such a widespread issue, megastores such as Ikea and Target have removed corded blinds from their shelves, with other big stores such as Walmart to follow.

Unfortunately, accidents caused by window blinds are also a big issue in the UK, with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) finding at least 18 child deaths have been caused by blinds since 2010. A report from Chief Medical Officers suggests that there are millions of unsafe blinds in homes across the UK which could be the cause of future tragedies.

Why are window blinds hazardous?

Young children are naturally inquisitive and as their mobility increases, so does the danger in everyday items such as window coverings.

Although the age of children at risk extends from 7 months to 7 years old, the average age for a catastrophic accident is 23 months. At 23 months, the child’s muscular control has not yet fully developed, limiting the infant’s ability to untangle themselves. As well as this, young children suffocate much faster than adults, meaning there is less time to save them.

Shutters are safer than blinds

There has always been a debate on whether shutters or blinds are the better window covering, but when it comes to child safety, the better and most safer option is shutters.

With no cords, braids, loop chains or wires to form potential strangulation, shutters are the perfect choice to keep your family safe. Utilising a tilt rod mechanism, shutters are a more stylish and safe alternative, suiting both modern and traditional homes. Shutters are also fully compliant with EN13120.

At Totally Shutters, we understand how important it is to keep your child safe, that’s why we only manufacture shutters that are 100% child safe. Our entire shutter range is child safe, as they don’t have any cords or lose ties, making our shutters the perfect window solution for homes with young children.


For more information on our shutter blinds and how child safety is paramount in each of our shutter products, call us today on 0203 960 69 63.

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How To Fit Your Plantation Shutters

So your plantation shutters have been measured and delivered, and now it’s time to install them. Of course, at this point, it’s not too late to ask one of our expert fitters to install them for you – many of our DIY clients have regretted that they didn’t opt for our fitting service, but it is possible to install your shutters on your own.

So you have already chosen the mounting option and framing style that best suits your window, so it’s now just a matter of getting your shutters installed:

Preparing to install your plantation shutters

It’s essential that you’re prepped for installing your shutters with the necessary tools and materials:

  • Sharp pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level
  • Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screws, plugs and caps (as provided)
  • Caulk
  • Damp cloth

Once you have the appropriate tools at hand, clear your working space, ensuring all furniture and furnishings are out of your way. Carefully open and layout your shutters, positioning the frames around the panels, sliding the corners together to your complete shutter blinds.

The plantation shutters installation process

Once you’ve assembled your shutter blinds, lift your frames into place (you may need a second pair of hands to help you with this). Depending on the style of your shutter, you will need to create some fixing holes by partially drilling the screws in. Once you have your fixing holes, remove the screws and the frame, then drill a full hole and insert your raw plug.

Next, place the frames back on the window space, making any required adjustments to the spacing and the positioning before securing the hinges in place with a screw. If you have any gaps around the frame, seal them using decorator’s caulk, using a damp cloth to wipe off any residue.


If you get stuck while installing your plantation shutters, call Totally Shutters who will talk you through the process over the phone. Alternatively, call 0203 960 69 63 for more information on our shutter blinds. All shutter blinds from Totally Shutters come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Security Shutters for Complete Home Security Confidence

With recent crime figures showing that burglaries in the UK have risen by 32% over a 12 month period, with 28% of burglars gaining access via a rear window, there has never been a better time to secure your home.

From extra locks on your doors and windows to installing a burger alarm, security lights and sometimes even CCTV, most of us will do anything to protect our homes, belongings and loved ones. But if you’re looking for an extra layer of security in your home, security shutters may be the solution for you.

Far from the rattly, rusty steel shutters seen on many run-down properties on the high street shops, our Portchester aluminium security range offers unparalleled home protection without compromising on looks.

Here are 5 benefits of our Portchester aluminium security range:

1. Unparalleled durability

Our Portchester security shutters are durable and incredibly hard wearing, featuring a powder coat for a long-lasting and anti-corrosion finish. And for added reassurance, our security shutters are CE certified to meet the EU’s rigorous quality standards.

2. Elegant and hardwearing

Unlike traditional security shutters that are often unsightly and built for purpose with design an after-thought, our Portchester security shutters combine strength, security and elegance in a one-of-a-kind package.

3. Controlled weather properties

With adjustable 89mm louvres, Porchester security shutters allow you to control the air flow coming into your home, helping you to control seasonal weather elements, meaning you can minimise the sun’s heat in the summer and retain warmth during the winter.

4. Matches your interior

As our Portchester security shutter range resembles our existing shutter products, you can mix and match shutter styles while enjoying a consistent design throughout your home. Our security shutters are available in full height as well as bi-fold and on a bypass track system. As well as standard deluxe colours, a custom colour option is available to suit your interior design tastes.

5. Privacy and light control

Our security shutters offer complete privacy control and also provide excellent light control, allowing you to get the right sunlight levels the way you like them.

6. Interior and exterior features

Made from architectural grade aluminium, our security shutters are corrosion resistant, hard-wearing and work both inside and out, while looking just like any other plantation shutter.


Our Portchester security shutter range offer your home an extra layer of protection. If you’re interested in extra home security, contact us today on 0203 960 69 63, and take those first steps to making your home as safe as it could possible be.

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Plantation Shutters: DIY or Leave it to The Experts?

Do-it-yourself plantation shutters may seem like a great idea on paper – a stylish and contemporary window covering that you can fit in your spare time, saving money too. But is it really that straightforward, or could made-to-measure shutters fitted by a specialist be better in the long run?

DIY shutters explained

The pros of DIY shutters concern mainly price, as they’re less costly than made-to-measure plantation shutters from a professional company such as Totally Shutters. However, if your budget will only extend to DIY shutters, they’re a more fashionable and practical solution than roller blinds or curtains.

But while DIY shutters may seem like the better, cheaper option, there are many flaws to this approach that can go wrong. Unless you have considerable DIY skills, using a shutter specialist will make your shutters are worthwhile investment in the long run.

Measuring for your DIY shutter blinds can be harder than you think, with so much to consider including window hight, window width, recess depth, frame size, angles, handles and latches, measuring can be complicated and miss-measuring will lead to incorrect ordering, difficult fitting and amendments will be time consuming and are unlikely to be covered by product warranty.

And then assembling and mounting your DIY shutters to your window frames can be difficult, especially if the measurements are slightly out. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get quotations from specialist shutter suppliers such as Totally Shutters, to see how made-to-measure shutters can compare.

It may seem like there is a wide range of options available for DIY shutters, but you may, in fact, be restricted to kits or templates. At Totally Shutters, we offer a wide range of choices, including a custom colour service that matches the colour of your blinds to virtually any shade, so you can sit in the knowledge knowing your blinds will be made and fitted to a high standard.


At Totally Shutters, we offer a do-it-yourself discount for fitting your own shutters and it is possible to fit our shutters yourself. However, its only recommended for those with considerable DIY skills. We will check, measure and guide you through the process of installing your shutters yourself, or you can leave the whole installation process to us.

For a free in-house survey and appointment call Totally Shutters today on 0203 960 69 63, with no obligation to buy, you can explore the plantation shutters choices available for you in the comfort of your own home.